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End of the season stories / hijincks / etc.

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On the last day of the season, everybody always seems to be ultra-mellow and out to just have some fun.

This past Sunday, at our last lineup, my buddies at the SS got me twice in the space of 5 minutes.

My 2 PM group seemed to run a bit long, so, not knowing if I was late or not, I rush back to the SS meeting area to make the 3:30, our last lineup of the season.

Obviously reading my mind, one of the other instructors (a normally staid, non-joking individual), hollers out, "Tom, you're 5 min late. There was a cute Level 6 or 7 blond asking for you. She just went out with xxx". Needless to say, there was no blond asking for me, and I was 5 min early, not late.

A few minutes pass, and Sue, our SSD, walks out from around the corner of our Kids building. She announces to the half dozen instructors that there is just one student for our last linup of the season. It's a 6 year old, never-ever girl, and Sue mutters something about her not wanting to leave her Mommy. "OK, they are waiting on the other side of the KMC. Who wants her?".

It's obvious that all the instructors want to get in a few last freeskiing runs and nobody is volunteering , so I figure, WTH, I'll get the kid skiing, so I raise my hand.

The SSD says, "You sure? I know you are here with your daughter and probably want to get in some time with her." I respond, "It's OK. I'll take the kid. My daughter can board with one of the instructors and get some coaching". Sue asks me again if I'm sure, so I nod, click into my bindings, and get ready to head off in that direction. TheRusty is supervising that lineup and he dutifully records the lesson in his book.

At this point, Sue bursts into laughter and announces that there is no 6 y.o., it was just a joke, but since I was the only one to volunteer, I get a $0.25 cent raise next season. She had Rusty, me, and everyone else completely fooled. All I can say is that I will never play poker with that woman.

The final story of that day was when we were all hanging around the base area after the lifts had shut down and one of our snowboard instructors comes flying down the mountain, laughing and mooning all of us.

Great end of a great season! Got lots of guests up and running, no injuries, improvement in my own skiing, and lots of fun and camaraderie.

Any stories from other areas?

Tom / PM
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We'll have a progressive dinner party at the end of the season. We have about 4 on mountain restaurants, so we'll ski between them. Wine and cheese at the first, soup at the second, appetizers at the next one, etc. We'll end with a large dinner in conference center.

I can predict what'll happen. I'll start with a glass of wine and then take an extra run. Then a beer and hit the terrain park. The night will finish with someone getting drunk and making an obscene comment. Someone else will decide they haven't had enough, go out to a bar afterwards, and end up in someone elses bedroom. Along the way we'll congratulate a bunch of people for a job well done, we'll laugh about past hijinks, and cry about those that left.
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When Timber Hill ((Alpine Mountain) still had T-bars, Yuki remembers, I am sure. We would to T-bar body surfing...we would see who could get dragged the furtherest by the T-bars up the hill. Style points were given also.
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Ya'all just keep your eyes on the Meet on the Hill Forum starting in 2 weeks !

PhysicsMan---your SSD may not be done with you....that .25 raise next season-----may be just that----FOR THE SEASON !
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