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Ski carry methods

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I've a great 'Spy' backpack but it doesn't have a ski carry facility. I want to make up some carry straps for my pack to take my new mega weight B5's.

The ski carry packs I've seen offer either a diagonal carry system with both skis clamped at the brakes or a system were you mount one ski vertically on either side of the pack (possibly with the skis tied at their tips to form an 'A' frame).

Recommendations on the best pack mounted carry method would be gratefully received.
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When the skis are carried diagonally, it seems like they add some momentum when you bend sideways at the waist.
With the skis A-frame, I always clip my heels.

I prefer diagonal
It might be easier to make too. When looking at the pack from the rear just add on a solid loop on the bottom right and a loop in the upper left with a clip in the middle.
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I'd recommend pointing your poles in opposite directions and looping the tips and tails through the straps. This will leave one hand free to invariably fend off the hordes of skierettes that will be vying for your attention while trying to absorb some of your overwhelming cooool.

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It depends where you are hiking. Diagonal is nice, but if you are hiking in trees, it doesn't work too well.
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