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midfat recommendations?

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Brand new to this forum and it looks like a great place for info! I'm looking for some help on selecting my next skis. I've searched the forum and the internet but still have some questions.

About me: 5'10" 200lbs. Advanced skier. Ski mostly in Colorado - 50% crud/powder/corn/trees/ and 50% bumps. Rarely venture into groomers - don't care about carving a perfect turn. I only have 1 ski in my quiver and it's the Bandit XX 184cm from 2001 and have enjoyed them alot.

Looking to replace the XX with something similar. Skis I'm considering:
Rossi B2
Head Monsters
Elan 666
Fischer Big Stix
Volkl 724 Pro

Thought the B2 would be a no-brainer replacement for the XX, however, talking to somebody on the lift yesterday and he commented that the newer B2s were much heavier than the old XX. Is this true? I really like a light ski -good for tight trees. I also like the flex of the rossis for the bumps. Can anyone comment on the difference between the old XX and newer B2s? Any other recommenations?

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My B2s are not particularly heavy, and they very quick in turning. I especially like them in bumps and trees and use them exclusively in the west. (5-10/160).
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I've never skied the XX but I'm on the B2 in 176 length. I absolutely love them for trees and tight areas. They are awesome in the bumps too. The weight is no problem at all. I pulled out an old pair of Salmon Supermountains this weekend (rock skis) and was quickly reminded how awesome the B2 is... especially in trees.

I have zero complaints about the B2 except it is a mid-fat. If you want to dwell on the surface in deep powder than look for the fatties. Other than that it is a dream ski for my style and where I ski.
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I love the 724 Pro in everything up to shin deep. It is powerful and precise. It carves a nice edge, and loves speed. Point it down the fall line and let it rip. Great in soft snow, even in the trees. This would be a totally different feel from the B2. There is nothing soft about the Pro. It requires power, rather than finesse.
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I ski the head monster 77's, the 06 75's. They are a great ski and would work well for what you want. I am not a great bump skier but have skied soft bumps on the smaller side and they were very good. Most mid fats are not light and some are heavy, but as other threads have mentioned they do not ski heavy. What I like most about the monsters is that they will go through anything, amazing in crud, cut up powder and spring corn/slush. You should demo these and a few others if you have a chance.
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Thanks for the help. I have a few friends that have owned/tried the Volkls 724pro. I do notice that they tend to ski alot faster in the crud/cut-up and seem to carve the hardpack really well. I figured it was because they are a much stiffer and heavier ski (although it could be my friends just ski alot faster than myself).

A little off topic but I find it interesting about the comments of not liking the midfats for deep pow. Personally I sort of like the feeling of being a little bit IN the snow. When I want to stay on top, typically for small snowfalls, I usually snowboard: in the morning and then grab my skis and head for the bumps after everythings been skied off. I can see how fatties would have their advantages for the tight trees with deep pow though. When I win the lottery I'm definitely springing for a pair... until then the midfats will have to do!
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The 724 skis great in 1.5' of snow. Are there better powder skis - yes. But the 724 rips up crud and powder. It really skis well in edge needed conditions. I like mine alot and everyone I ski with who skis on them seems to agree. There are better skis for groomers. In the woods they are like a big truck in 4 wheel.

You might also look at the Karma, since you ski Co. It's more of the above. If I lived in the West I'd have the Karma!
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Just another 'how much I love my skis' post for the 7.24 Pros. Work amazingly well in all conditions bar deep powder, where they are 'only' better than OK up to about 18" IMO. Havn't felt like I wanted anything else bar the few days I ski and there is good pow when I rent Gotamas (more because I want an excuse to ski them rather than the Pros can't handle it...). Saying that, I've just re-read your post and they're probably not the best bump ski (too stiff and wide) - but that could be my skiing and YMMV.

Just my two penny'orth.
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Demo the Dynastar 8000

Demo the Dynastar 8000, Perfect for where and what you like to ski.
Excellent float, excellent Carve, turns great, nice rebound - will increase your ability level. This is a ski I thried because the demo guy suggested it. When I came back to the demo tent all I could say was WOW, and thank you for recomending this!! Definately worth a try.
158,165,172,[178],184 ... 116/79/102 (20m)

To say the reviews for the 8000 were "rave" understates the case. This is a great ski, big Western mountain or not. Length is critical; ski it shorter than the ego suggests!
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Dynastar Legend 8000 should definitely be on that list.
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ony and 25

You are right. The 8000 is similar to the pro only softer. It might be better for the bumps. I would say that the 8000 might be better for someone who is not firm with the ski - that the 724 may be less forgiving.

I must say though that the 724 pro is actually quite good in the bumps.
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You may want to consider the new B3, around 83mm I think. A guy a know, really good skier, used it last week at Sugarloaf, trees/bumps/fresh pow, and loved it.
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Has everyone forgotten about the Salomon Scream series? Similar profile to the XX, light and snappy (stiffer towards the tail), good in trees and bumps. Decent float in CO pow, have heard some folks have had problems with delamination with the older skis though. Hope they've fixed that with the Scream 10's. Plus they've been around long enough to find really good deals on current models.
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New list

OK, after reading everyone's reply's, talking to some different people at shops, and looking around to see what's available locally I've changed my list of skis a bit.

Rossi B2
K2 Apache Recon
Dynastar 8000
Volkl 725 Pro or Exp

I'm going to try to demo these this weekend. If I do I'll post a comparison review in the review forum.

I removed the Head and Fischer from the list because several shop people I talked to said the Rossi/K2/Dynastars are better bump skis - the Head/Fischer are much stiffer and don't have much of an upturned tail. The Elans were removed because I can't find them anywhere around here. I'm not a Salomon fan because of the delam issue mentioned above. I have a friend who skis Salomon and he had this problem within a year (although they did fix it for him for free -- and I am a big fan of their boots).

From the shop people I've talked too - I'm really leaning towards the Rossi and the Dynastars. One difference I did learn about the 2005 B2 vs. 2001 XX is the core. The B2s are foam core and I'm 95% sure my XX are wood. Not sure exactly how this will translate on the hill. I would imagine the XX are stiffer and a bit heavier than the B2s. For that reason I've added the K2 Recon (wood core and decent price).

Oh yeah, and I saw that the B3s are basically replacing the B2s next year - and rossi is adding a B4 to their lineup so they will have B1,B2,B3 and B4. Not interested in next years skis unless I can get a really good deal.

Whatever the case, I'll let you all know what I end up with...

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Got a chance to demo some skis this weekend. Got a late start so I didn't have time to demo the salomons or volkls.
Froto and Ony, thanks a million for turning me on to the Dynastars. I loved these skis - unfortunately, they didn't have anything but a 184 - but I still loved 'em.

reveiw is here:
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If you're looking for a midfat, I'd suggest demoing something from Atomic's Metron line. They've gotten rave reviews from many members of this community. Especially the B5.
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Bandit series has always been foam core. I believe I have the same ski as you (but 177cm), the 2001-02 (red and white graphics, the last version of XX before the B2). I was told by the Rossi rep a few years ago the B2 was basically identical construction to the XX, weight should be the same etc. This season I bought Legend 8800's 188cm. I wanted to move to a wider platform for variable snow/powder as I found 74mm under foot too skinny, especially for landing small drops/straightlining. I find the 89mm waist is fine for all mountain, I can still traintrack groomers assuming they aren't bulletproof. They are fine in trees although the extra length/width makes it work if its really tight trees at 3pm. I avoid bumps if at all possible, they are certainly not as nimble as the 177 XX which I find a good bump ski, but the 8800 is managable if you skid out the tails. I haven't tried the 8000 but I recommend trying it and the 8800. The best thing about the 8800 over the XX I've noticed is stability/smoothness. The XX got kicked around a lot at speed in variable snow, the 8800 is smooth.
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