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Posting pictures

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Epicski Supporters can use attachments
There is a 39Kb file size limit.

Regular members need to host their images on the web (personal web space or one of the free picture hosting sites) and use image tags

Would any members be interested in a subscription service (something like 10/yr ) for gallery space where you could host images or video?

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DC, thanks. Sorry for the double post.
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Forgot that when logged in as an admin things look different. to get the full features of the post reply page,

Go to your User CP and under setting and options, go to the edit options. scroll down and find the misc options and change your editing preference to wysiwyg

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I'd be interested in your hosting videos and pictures.
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You will most likely need to use a photo editing program to get the file size around 39kb. Find a feature that says "resample" or "resize", and play around with different percentanges. Then "save as" jpeg at about 50% quality. Keep trying until you get just under 39kb. This gives a decent quality and size.
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To clarify this attachments vs hosted picture posting deal, I have posted the same picture twice below. The large picture is hosted at Biglines, and is 800x600 at 180 pixels/inch with a file size of 144k. I prefer images hosted on other sites if I need size or resolution.

The attached picture at the bottom below the large photo is 4 x 3 at 75 pixels and is 30k in size. A simple program like MS Picture Editor can do this. When resizing pictures for posting do not exceed 4-inches in any direction. Any larger and it overfills the window on a post; a real annoyance. For attachments, here, a maximum resolution of 75 pixels/inch (PPI) at 4 x 3 inches will result in the desired file size.

Dchan, if we were allowed to post video, what is the maximum size you have in mind? Also would you prefer WMV streaming MPEG3 or MOV format? IMO, depending on length (minutes), less than 10 MB file size gets pretty pixelated with lots of frames lost, especially with any sound. For video, bigger is better, even with the better compression.
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If you have a good video editer/converter (like premier) you can do WMV files that are very suited for Multiple speeds of streaming video.

5 Mb would probably where I would put the recommend limit. In order to do this with no "restrictions" as far as membership by persons wishing to view, and no advertisements, I would need to charge a nominal fee. The costs would be based on how much space you wish to purchase.

This is all still in the brainstorming stage so no commitments can be made at this time.

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