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Beer League race report

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Congratulations to Boyne Highlands, Michigan for once again putting on the best adult league race in the state. Every year they hold the Miller Lite Ski League Championships. Racers from all over the state put together the fastest team they can and converge on Petoskey for some high level racing.
This year there were two current FIS level racers (with sub 50 FIS points), a former Europa Cup racer from Austria, a former US ski teamer and two time olympian, a former Austrian world cup woman, one current college racer (who just returned from the national championships in Idaho), as well as many former college and USSA racers. Very high level competition.

Unfortunately our team could only manage 2nd, .28 seconds out of the top spot..... maybe next year.

Here is a link to a photo gallery of the top 15 (minus #14...I couldn't find his picture), as well as the 2 girls from our team.

There was a total of 26 teams, 182 racers and it went off without a hitch. A great time was had by all. What a fun way to end the race season! That's about it for me for the season....... time to start thinking about wakeboarding.
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That is one heck of a roster for a beer league. Which pic is you?
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Yeah, the kicker is, the team that won had the olympian, and the two Austrians. What a tough team!

We had the first place guy, the first place girl, and all five of our guys were top 15.

They had the second place guy, the second place girl, and 4 of their 5 guys were top 15. (they could have had all 5 too, but they had a DNF)

I'm the "flags of all nations" guy....
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I really love hearing about strong skiing - especially racing - in areas other than the Rockies.

What a cool set of pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Man I'd be really intimidated to participate in that beer league!
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"My Drinking Team Has a Skiing Problem"
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The beer would have to be awfully good for me to subject my fragile ego to such a pounding. Congrats on your results in the face of such stiff competition.
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Congrats on the podium, did you end up racing the downhill on sunday also? Someone beat Adgate, he must have flown down the course.
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Actually Adgate was 6th. It was a good field. You definitely couldn't afford to make too many mistakes.

Yeah, we did the downhill too. 374 racers.... that is a HUGE event. 3 guys on our team were top 10 in the unlimited division. And our girls went 1-2 in the unlimited women. I took 7th, one place out of the cash prizes :
How they decided to give money to 6 places, I don't know......
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I was planning to run the downhill, but crazy days was the same weekend and I didn't really want to get up at 8, I figured my head wouldn't be up for it. Nice weekend for the team, too bad about the finish, so close. There is always next year.
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I hated to miss the Downhill event. One of my club members here did win his division in the downhill race. Way to go Mike. Way to make the Lafayette Ski Club proud!

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Men's 19-29? I just looked it up...... Nice job, Mike! Way to represent Indiana skiers!

Ty Webb..... do you still live over there on Briar? You've got a pool over there, don't you? If you ever want to hang out or just get nuts or something.... buddies for life, I think.
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer
Actually Adgate was 6th. It was a good field. ...
Wow! Last time I raced up there Adgate won every race. He went on to win the Junior National Combined that year.
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