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Integrated Bindings Like or Dislike?

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Now that almost all ski companies are using an integrated binding system of some sort I was curious of the general consensus of what the major likes and dislikes of the specific systems are. Please only tell me your opinions regarding skis/bindings you have actually skied not read about.
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I've always skied in Tyrolia bindings. They they release when they are supposed to and don't when they shouldn't. I diskike the concept of integrated binding systems because they limit consumer choice.

I recently bought a pair of skis with an
intergated binding system only because it was the Fischer rail-flex system which is really the Tyrolia rail-flex binding with some cossmetic and minor housing changes. To Fischer's credit, all their skis accomodate other binding brands.

Could I discern the difference between other skis mounted with conventional Tyrolia bindings? Honestly, No. Maybe with some other systems or with other skiers the answer might be different. To me it is, at this stage anyway, largely a marketing device.
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I personally like the the idea/concept of an intgegrated ski/binding system or anything else designed as a system. And of course every ski manufacturer wants to sell you thier skis, bindings, boots, poles, clothes etc. The way I see it as a consumer I win. They want me to buy thier stuff so they are going to try to one up the competition. Bottom line is today we can buy better skis then we could yesterday.

I have owned three Salomon Pilot 10 skis.
2000- Orange ones. 192's. foam core,soft, bendy not too stable.
2001- Green ones. 186's. wood core, liked it much better.
2003- xtra hots. 175's. space frame, wood and foam, new Pilot design. Nice even flex pattern the whole length of the ski. This ski rocks. Does everything well. 82mm underfoot but very quick edge to edge. I beleive it is because of the lateral pin connecting the binding to the ski. Better energy transfer.

My .02
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I have some Rossi Mountain Viper X PPS which have an integrated plate that requires Rossi bindings. I have also skied some of the other Rossis with the same style plate....mainly the RPM series. I love the way the plate works with the ski and think its a great design From what I can tell the plates performance wouldn't be diminished by using another brand of binding. Luckily, Rossi is my favorite binding so I'm not going to complain. Another thing I like about the Rossi plate system is I can move the bindings to another ski....you're not required to buy new bindings with each set of skis.

I have some Nordica SUV 12x with integrated Marker bindings. The binding to ski interface is very smooth and I'm impressed. Considering the ski and binding list at $895 and many comparable skis without bindings list between $700 and $800 I won't moan too much about the Marker bindings being disposable.

I've tried a couple Pilot skis and like the way the pilot system works. What I don't like is the insanely high price of the binding/ski combo.

As for Atomic skis, I have avoided many of their models because of their requirement for Atomic bindings. I have had numerous mishaps demoing on Atomic bindings and just don't trust them. Next year they are going to be dumping the ESS toe and replacing them with a toe that looks very similar to the Rossi toe so I'll probably give them a try again.
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Topic: Integrated binding systems - This exact topic was discussed slightly over a week ago.
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I've had the Fischer RX8's both with and without the integrated Railflex binding system. I currently have next year's version of the Railflex system, which is slightly different from this year's. I don't really notice a difference in the way they ski compared to the same ski with non Railflex bindings. To me the main advantage to the Railflex system is that they are very easy to mount - all you need is a screwdriver, and they are very easy to adjust and remount for different size boots. They also have three mounting positions, normal, forward, and back. As long as there is no difference in price, I would select the Railflex system. The skis are also available with a flat mounting plate for people who prefer other bindings and those who need custom setups with shims for canting or delta angle.

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all an integrated system does is make a ski work like any ski with a turntable on it (rossi,look,marker mrr) for a lot more money and less choice therefore i am not a fan. just buy turntables(biased before my current job, so no flaming)
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