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Ski waxing injury question

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Used to work in a high volume shop and batch waxed many skis w/ a hot pot and scraped by hand. My question is whether anyone has had excessive dryness or allergic reactions with low hydrocarbon mid-temp wax due to application or scraping prior to polishing? My hands have never been the same and I suspect its due to the chemical properties of the wax!

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An unusually diligent research project by an industrial hygienest can be found at this link. At the end of the article he offers contact information. You are way outside my expertise in this question, especially considering unique individual responses to chemical agents; ask him.
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If you have rashes or broken skin, you should have your physician scrape the surfaces and get the scrapings tested.
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This won't help much but a ski serviceman I used to work with always got a mild rash on his neck and arms from Holmenkol Beta when we were using it a lot for base conditioning. I've noticed that about halfway through a race series where I'm using a lot of fluoros my hands get really dry but nothing chronic or lasting. Good luck. Ben
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on a related topic, i was feeling fine thursday nite, in spite of the fact that several folks in my office were sick all week. did some p-tex work that evening, admittedly with inadequate ventilation...skiied friday - by friday nite had a raging case of headache/bodyache/chills, and ended up bedridden for the better part of three following days (and missed 3 days on the slopes) : -( and still feel like crap...i'm guessing the bug i'd been exposed to at work, might have taken a foothold after inhaled too much hot base...anyone have similar experiences?
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