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Do you like skiing in the woods/glades?

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I happen to love it. I find it challenging and more interesting. I mean I love going fast and arcing them like the next guy I ski GS boards...but I love mixing it up.

Plus, the scenary is beautiful, you get away from the crowded trails and the karma you feel when you find your rhythm and are linking turns in between the trees is the essence of skiing in my mind.

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Yes. Love it.
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Well yeah, but the trees are bigger here. This is a more open stand:
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It's safer. Less risk of being hit by someone. We also ski at much lower speeds. Yea trees are great at slowing people down, or should that be making people ski slower ?
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My nine year old daughter loves skiing in the trees here in Japan, but hardly any other skiers do it. We heard someone on the lifts overhead the other day saying: "Look at those foreigners in the trees. Can't see the fun in that, can you?"
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I got my wife to ski trees for the first time this weekend...they were in bounds, mellow east coast glades, but she loved it! Every step off the beaten path, even a small one, is a good one in skiing!
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Cirquerider: Those are cool but I would not call that a tree run but a glade run. Where I ski the trees/woods have everything from trees to scrub brush and the trees are a lot closer together. But I have to say your picture of that glade run is awesome.
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Welcome to MRG, trees are the best.
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I hate skiing in the trees. I hate the fluffy snow that's there. I hate the challenge of dealing with natural obstacles and changing snow conditions. I hate the unpredictability. I hate the scenery. I hate the adventure. I hate taking drops off off snow-covered fallen tree trunks and big rocks. Most of all, I hate that little smile and twinkle in the eye of the few other skiers that are in there skiing.

I like to ski on giant wide rectangle trails with a snow-making pipe up one side and at least two or three high-speed quads running up the other side so the lift line is short even if there are like fifty gazillion people on the trail. I like only groomed courdoroy. I ski two runs of medius radius turns in the morning and when all the snow is skied off by like 9:15, I'm tired anyway so I go home and take a nap. Then I wake up and watch cartoons on TV all afternoon.
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No. I don't particularly like it. A tree put me out for a season once, maybe that's why...but mainly I ski alone and view trees as dangerous.

Plus, I like steeps - and on steeps, trees are an unnecessarily dangerous obstacles, imo.
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I like using snow covered spruce trees as slalom poles. It worked well in Colorado but the trees here either have no lower branches or they have these little innocent looking ones with all the give of rebar.
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I believe Mad River Glen has never had a skier death. Why? Skiing groomers at 40 is much more dangerous especially for people who cannot handle those speeds than carving throw tight trees. Trees are my friend

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I like trees
I like skis
I seek the woods
skiing there makes me feel good
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity
.... We also ski at much lower speeds. Yea trees are great at slowing people down, or should that be making people ski slower ?
We do! : They are? : They should?
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I had the strong urge to bring up just this topic last week.

I love IT!

Skiing the trees shortens the lift lines and speeds up the fixed grip chairs.

Four good turns in soft and deep works for me better than an entire day "on the slopes"

When I "double dip" It's always into the trees.

There is just something about the urgency of the attention, the route selection and the spontaneity. I hate the danger, especially when I get caught and "can't fall down"
But speeds are slow. (though I love moving right along ) Oh! It's that rhythm thing.

Rules to live by:

Helmets (dugh!)
Ski the untracked, that's what your there for. Criss cross
Aim for the white
Keep your hands up and forward! think fenders
Practice your short radius turns!

Ski between trees too tight for the boarders to follow!(lift a ski and turn your hips and shoulders if you need to) It's fun. ;-)

Every area has good trees "somewhere!" Look for them

Oh! the down side. If you don't know where you are or where you are going, you might end up low in a dead end drainage and need to hoof it out. Puff puff pant, pant. that'll get the ticker going!
If your skiing with a group. It's way easy to get "lost" Agree on a catch up point befor you go in.

newfydog: Hate those strainers!

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An Excerpt from a recent correspondence addressing the tree skiing attitude:

We were on the clock, so we didn't go to far, just a hard right into the woods right by the witches chair. It was tight and deep. I lost grip of my ski pole twice while busting brush. You would have liked it. 'A struggle back up hill those few steps to reclaim the equipment. The week before, Six of us "guys" including my eldest son Ashton who is now a student at Northeastern U. Spent the day in 18-20 inches of fresh at the big K. I wish I would have had a woods buster like you, as several of the others thought the trees too slow. I don't mind not racing to the lifts at all. The trees prolong the pleasure. We had a couple of INCREDIBLE runs through the glades to skiers left of East Fall in the Canyon. Untracked and DEEP! I was lucky and got lots of that stuff At Haystack. last Saturday as well. Do you recall "Back Draft'? The trees Just to the skiers right of the summit chair? That was tasty. Well, just a recap, that early skiing had been crappy, but lately, It's been pretty good ;-)


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For me, other than the trees jumping out in front of (and hitting) me every once in a while, what is there not to love?
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Not only do I like it, I PREFER it. For all the reasons already cited. I really feel like I am communing with the mountain.

I started skiing in the trees only after I moved to Vermont in 1996, and it took a few seasons before I really enjoyed it. My husband is the one who really showed me how much fun it can be! I met him in 1999. We've recently taken up alpine touring as a new way to enjoy skiing in the trees.

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Trees hide the powder from the sun, wind, and other skiers.

I love skiing in all sorts of conditions and terrain, but trees are definitly right on top of the list (maybe a 45-50 degree chute/couloir with nice fresh snow is better, but once they're tracked out it's back to the trees).
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I totally love it. So isolated, slower, requires work and skill, it's warmer... mmmmm glades.
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