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Atomic Arc Ambition?

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Go away you Gaperish Troll
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Never heard of it. Must be an Asian market ski. The length is the same as a previous SL11, and it has a plate common to previous model and current FIS race skis. That's all I can type.
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It's especially helpful when they don't list the dimensions.
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Atomic Arc Ambition

According to the outdooroutlet (on EBay) the Atomic Ambition is an '02 European ski. It has beta-4 construction similar to the C9 and a 'deep' sidecut similar to an SL ski. The responder commented that it is a very fun ski with excellent edge grip.

So...there you go!
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hello to all

Originally Posted by Atomic_918
Atomic Ambition is an '02 European ski.
I don't think so.
Never seen this model here in Europe(Austria Swiss Germany)
Mayby special model for rental
Atomics in Europe are the same as in US[except some special models for "intersport shops"(but they are most simular to the original but labeled little bit different and the topsheet is coulored different)
for example
Metron M 9 original silver blue
Metron M 9.2 intersport black orange
This one is not an intersport model
Be careful no one can tell you something about the construktion


sorry for my bad english school time is long ago
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Originally Posted by oldman

I don't think so.
Hey, I was curious so I asked the EBay seller with them listed. That's what he told me. He said the construction was similar to the C9 (12m) but with a deeper side cut (11m). I'm just going by what I was told.

I've seen some oddballs like an Atomic 9.xx. I was told that was an import from Europe, too.
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The Intersport SMU skis generally have number changes in the model names. Asian (Japanese & Korean) version SMU skis have true names.
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The ski is/was NOT an Intersport model.
I have never seen it either.
To me, the "Asian Connection" Betaracer mentiones seems to be the most probable solution.
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