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What Does P.S.I.A. Stand For??? - Page 2

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People Should Imbibe Alcohol ??
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PMTS Skiing Isn't Absolute?
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Pretty Scared In (the) Air
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Originally Posted by Stache
I thought it only went up for Eastern, National stayed the same.
Now there's a surprise!!!!
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PSIA? I thought it was a miss pronounciation of Pizza by a Chinaman!
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Pretty Skiing, Indulgent Analysis
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probably stay inside anyway
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Perfect Style Instructional Activity or Pompous, Self-centered, Indignant Ass.
(I guess, that it all depends who you are talking to)

For those delicate of mind, the above is only a play with letters, and NOTHING PERSONAL!
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people say I'm awesome
perfect skiing is awesome

Hi Stach
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Pretty Skiers In Abundance

Poor Skiers Included Also

Please Send In Allowances (for all the kids they take in)

Pays Salary In Apples

Pays Salary If Able
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The Winner

Originally Posted by crudmeister
Personal Style Isn't Allowed.
best in show!
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Parka Shows Inherant Affectation

Patch Suggests Intelligent Action

Pretty Shallow In Accomplishments

Just kidding....on all of 'em....
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Perpetually Stuck In Anachronism
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Part-time Ski Instructors Actually
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Payment Suggested In Advance
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The Plight of PSIA

I wrote this long ago, and you can find
it on my website here:

How many skiers does it take to screw in a light bulb? 201. One PSIA director to sit in the dark, 199 Professional Ski Instructors of America to kiss his butt, and one rad som'bitch to make all the turns.

But don't get me wrong. Some of my best friends are PSIA. And if you talk to them, they'll probably tell you jokes I haven't heard yet.

If you've spent any time around the industry, you may have heard these alternative definitions of PSIA:

Pretty Skiing - Inadequate Ability
(backward) A-holes In Stretch Pants
But don't get me wrong-those aren't mine; These are mine:

Pushing Ski Industry Apparel
Pansies Skipping In Arrogance
Pretty Sure I'm Awkward
Perfect Skidding If Anything
Professionally Slow Ice Avoiders
Position Sacred Indicates Asskissing
Parabolic Skis - Idiotic Actions
Powder Scared, Incline Averted
Putrid Skiboot-infusing Aroma
Put Simply, Isn't Alpine
Pole Stuck In Ass
Potent Snowplows, Impotent Athletes
Pigs Skating In Analogy
Patio Skilled Inebriated Alcoholics
Panty Shield Ideal Advertisements
Prattles & Spits in Arguments
Poops Shorts in Avalanches
Posing Self-important Instruction Amateurs
Psychologically Skewed Identity Anxieties
Picabo's Salivating Interest Attempts
Putting Spam Into Action
Profoundly states, "I'm Awesome"
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There you go Stach, tommyk has them all.
OOh one more
Prehaps Stach is around

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Please Supply Irishman Alcohol
Punters, Smiling Is Allowed
Powder Snow Is Awesome
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Originally Posted by TommyK
... How many skiers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
One to actuallly turn the bulb.
Three more to critique the turns.
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People Simply Imitating Aardvarks??

People Stumbling Ineptly Around ??
Pimples Squeezed In Abundance ??
Parrots Studdering Irritating Advice ??
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Propositioning Sex In Apres
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Potential skiers, if aware.

People skiing in adversity.

Poodles sh*t in Aspen.

Poor schmucks inexorably awful.

Parroting stupid, irritating advice.
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I forgot one. I believe this comes from my old ski school director, but I can't be positive, and so I don't want to incriminate the potentially innocent.

Paranoid Schizophrenics in Administration
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A**holes in Stretch Pants (backwards)
Predictable Skiers In Action
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 Perspective on Skiing Incredibly Arcane
Polemics of Skiing Inordinately Abstruse
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Pretty Silly Idiots Always


go to a ski resort for an indoor clinic... stupid

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Hmmm... Thread resurrected after 5 years...

Originally Posted by TommyK View Post
How many skiers does it take to screw in a light bulb? 





But I have no freakin idea how they got in there....








Penniless Skier, Imbibing Anything

Pathetic Skier, Intrinsically Arrogant



And for the Maple Leaf Contingent:


Poor Stupid Ignorant American 



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After suffering through a few cert exams I came to think it stood for Picky, Snide, Intolerant & Arrogant.

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Please Ski in Area

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How about "Poor Skiers In Ambulances."



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