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Long Length SL for GS?

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Could I go for a 170cm Atomic 9.16 and get good gs and sl performance? I have a 150cm Rossignol 9S WC and they are terrible at GS turns. I am 5'6, 130lb.
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Should work fine, since you're light, but a real GS ski or a racecarver would be preferable. Just something with a heavier feel, more comfortable going straighter.
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My 180cm Atomic Beta Race 9.20 has a 16M radius, the same as my 160cm Atomic 9.16s. A lot of race carvers are in the 15-18M range. So yes, given your height and weight you could use a 170cm 9.16 for GS and SL, although for slalom you would find it a bit long.

If you already have a SL ski of the correct length, why go for a single ski for both disciplines? Just get a good race carver or dedicated GS and call it quits.
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The 9S are too stiff for entire mountain and I can get the atomics cheap.
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My 15y/o 5'6" 120lbs. can keep up with the girls on there GS skis, when he is on his Atomic 9.12 in 140cm. When the girls asked my son how he kept up with them, he said, "these are Atomic's, they're beefy skis". The girls are top J3 racers, not just any girls. If can you get Atomic's at a good price you should look at the newer SL11's or may be the SL9's.

He has his eye on a pair this years SL11's 150cm when one of the J2's gets new SL skis this coming fall. He can also get his R11's in 170cm to arc as tight as his 9.12's. He has great technique.

Have you looked at the SX11 or SX9 ?

I have demoed long SL skis and have like them as a all mountain ski as well as finding that a short GS ski is a good all mountain ski.

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If your son wants some race stock Rossignol 9S 150cm for under $300 w/bindings pm me.
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