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Anyone Hit Aspen Lately??

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Just Wondering If There Was Any Recent Reports From Aspen? Good? Icy Warm???? Due To Be There Next Week Wondering Which Stixs To Bring.

Many Thanks,

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Skied Aspen Highlands 3/17 and Snowmass on 3/18. Conditions were packed powder at the Highlands with highs in the 30's. Snow was good all day. Snowmass on 3/18 had 3-4" of fresh on the burn. It was warmer at the base and spring corn when we quit about 2:30.

Don't know what they got this week, but forecast last night was for more snow today.

Copper had about 6" of powder at the base and at least 8-10" up top today. Snow was SUPERB!!!

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Yesterday was kind of foggy with only a little new. Today will be full blown spring.

Bring a GS for the mornings groomers and a fat for later.

I'll be the first chair on 1A all next week if you want to take a couple of fast ones.
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Didn't we used to have a few "A-towners" check in often? Come on. Where are you guys? I'm curious to see how things are panning out at Ajax and Snowmass. Good coverage? Places to avoid? Hopefully the snowy weather will continue in the pattern the forecasters are predicting. Going to be out there in exactly two weeks and am praying for awesome conditions!
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Come on. Who's been recently and how's it looking for their final weeks of the season?
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How about this past weekend? Anyone reading this go to Aspen, Snowmass, etc? How are the base depths holding up? Crowds? No crowds? Heading out next Tuesday and the advanced forecasts look promising for some snow, some warm stuff, etc. A general mix of everything. WHO HAS BEEN THERE RECENTLY?
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I've just received a report from the guy managing an event I'm attending at Snowmass toward the end of next week that says they've been getting snow, expect more and should have an average 100" base. Temps are to be in the 40s and 50s during the day and around freezing at night.
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Skiing is really good! Plenty of coverage and about 5" this morning and another storm tomorrow.
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This is the news I was hoping to hear! Hey Kneale, what is the event you are attending at Snowmass at the end of next week? I know that the 9th and 10th will have "closing" parties and stuff like that. I'll be there with a group of mid-atlantic ski shop employees and our friends so we'll be looking for fun!
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Northwoods and the G zones in Highland bowl were the best today. Highlands is really skiing nice. You guys should hit it this weekend since they close Sunday. Spring is suppose to return Friday.
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