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Anybody been to Cardigan Lately?

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I'm thinking of going up to Cardigan/Firescrew with a friend this Thursday 3/24. Has anyone skied there in the last week or so? or know of a website where conditions are posted? Thanks...anyone free on 3/24 & wanna go w/ us?
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check out timefortuckerman.com go to the forum trip report section. good pics and report
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What kind of skiis will you use? I've skied out of the Amc lodge with regular touring x-c skiis without any trouble.
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I skied the Sherburne Trail that weekend, someone had been driving a snowcat up & down it so the actual skiing totally sucked. Lots of great folks around though, weather beautiful, so no complaints. Using a pair of Volant ti Chubbs with Naxos. PM me if you've got b/c plans maybe we can connect.
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