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So, let me first set the scene. On Thursday, 3/17 - Alta recvd 10". When my plane landed on Friday afternoon at SLC - the sun was shining brightly and it was a warm 53 deg in downtown. With no fresh snow expected until saturday night - my heart sank - I was apprehensive about what the warm temps would do to the snow.

Saturday -3/19 - I had made my decision to head to Alta. After a quick stop at Canyons sports to pick up a discount ticket - I reached the Alta parking lot around 845am. Not knowing what conditions to expect - I decide to play it safe and take my mid-fat Atomic R8. By 915am - the line at Collins was about 15 deep. I found out from the ticket window that they had not opened Ballroom or Devils Castle on Friday and that it would open later in the day. So I wanted to position myself near sugarloaf - so whichever opens first - i could easily be there in a few minutes. The groomers on the way to sugarloaf - were bald, hard packed and icy in spots. yuck. so on my way to the bottom of sugarloaf - i accidentally take the wrong cut off and reach the bottom of supreme. Just before boarding supreme - i notice from the board that they opened Ballroom. I quickly make a U-turn - head to sugarloaf, across germania to ballroom. Ballroom was good but not great. 4-6 in of fresh pow on top of a hard crusty base. any way made a couple of runs down ballroom. 1030am - they drop the rope on devils castle. Devils castle was fantastic. the snow here was almost knee deep in spots. so i spent the next 3 hours (including a quick lunch at Alfs) hiking up Devils castle looking for freshies. by 2pm - devils castle was all tracked up - unless you were willing to climb further up near east devils castle. i was pretty beat by that time. so, i did a quick run off the first chute on skiers right of supreme. hard packed and bald. another couple of runs on skiers left of sugarloaf. called it a day at 3pm.

Big storm brewing overnight. forecast called for heavy snow throughout the day. I had a real tough time deciding which resort to ski sunday. all night i kept going back and forth between snowbird and DV. I had to catch a 6pm flight out of SLC on sunday. i had heard some horror stories about how people have been stuck at the resort at the end of the day if the LCC/BCC roads close in the afternoons for avy control or accidents. The park city resorts were a better bet in terms of the road conditions and besides had a heard a lot of good things about DV over the last week from CYCLIST and other bears on this board. so I decided to head to DV.

again, based on the suggestions from other bears - I decided to park at the base of the Jordanelle gondola. It was snowing heavily in the morning. as I took the exit to hwy 40 - I was wondering if i had made the right decision. The visibility was very poor. there was at least an inch of snow/slush on the roads. the road was littered with accidents. over and above that snow had piled up on top of the exit signs - i could barely read the signs. Finally i saw the Gondola building on the side of the road and took the next exit. The lifties later told me that sometimes on really heavy snow days - they have had a tough time pushing cars up the road at the end of the day. so, if it is snowing heavily - I would not suggest you park here unless you have a 4WD( I did). But i am glad i came here. I parked 2 cars from the entrance to the gondola! beautiful. and the lifties carried my skies to the gondola!!! I was up at 9am.

this was probably my 3rd time at DV. everytime i have skied DV - there are times in the day - when i feel I am going to have an instantaneous orgasm. The place is soooo beautiful. so I criss crossed the lifts and headed out to Empire Canyon. there was at least 6 in on the ground and it snowed thruout the day. Today was undoubtedly the day to pull out my salmon 1080is. with so many trees - visibility was never an issue. I first hit Daly bowl for a few runs. Went back up to Flagstaff around 1030. Headed to Orion bowl. Tons of freshies in the trees. By 1130am - i was dying for a bowl of Turkey Chili at the Silver Lake restaurant. Perfect choice for the perfect day. I spent the afternoon - skiing Sunset Bowl, Perseverance Bowl. I wanted to do the May flower chutes but by the time I reached mayflower i realized i was running late. also i was really concerned about the condition of Hwy 40. so i started threading my way back to the gondola. I reached the parking lot at 230pm. By then the temps had warmed up and the road was clear of all slush and traffic was moving very well. Reached the airport with enough time for a beer at Dick Clarks.

What a weekend !!