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Snowbird Strategies?

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I am an ex-Coloradian who moved to the east coast a few years ago who has a chance to hit Snowbird later this week (I board so Alta is not an option). I have been there a few times in the 90's and rate it as my favorite.

Here is the deal: I have one day (Friday) so I need to make the most of it. I have not been since Mineral Basin opened. Since I only have one day, I need to make some wise choices.

So, do I ride the Cirque and maximize my vertical using the tram or do I spend too much time in lift lines (I have no idea if there typically are any) and instead explore MineralBasin? I like steeps, trees, and most of all POWDER!

Any strategies on experiencing Snowbird would be appreciated.

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>So, do I ride the Cirque and maximize my vertical using the tram or do I spend too much time in lift lines

usually the opposite, tram has some line while other lifts are pretty well empty, except for Little Cloud on a good day. My strategy is alway to ski as much different territory as possible, without skiing any one area more than a few runs. Dropping into cirque is fine, and then you have a number of was of doing the lower mtn - blackjack, peruvian or under the tram. But you have to ski Gad II a few times, and a few different lines down each Little Cloud and Mineral Basin. Steep trees in Gad II and with this forecast, you will definetely have some powder. If you are a good skier, then the gates are really where it is at. Study them while you are on lift as you pass by them, drop down and look up to see what you would be getting into with each gate. My strategy at the Bird is to be constantly cutting right and left off the main runs. All the way down. Follow the tracks off the main slope into the "unknown", they know where they are going and you should follow. We constantly ski the downsides of all the little humps all over snowbird. Just take a few runs down the spine of cirque, because there are other places, lots of them. Also remember, Peruvian at the end of a long day to finish it off. Mineral Basin gets hard direct sun, it faces south,(for the most part), so generally you are going to be better there in the afternoon after it loosens up. I'm heading out myself late next week for a few more days, looks like snowfall is turning back on to where it should be. I have my daughter with me and have never skied Deer Valley, hoping conditions will be hold up enough that it'l be worth spending the day over there.
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