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Need advice on which of these skis I should demo

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Hi guys. I used to ski all the time between ages 4 and 18. In college, I could only afford to go up 3-4 times per year though. In that time, I got up to a solid level 9. After college I spent 3 years in the midwest and only skiied about once per year.

Now I'm in CA, and have been up a couple of times, but I finally broke my tired old Rossignol 4S's I got new in high school (about 1990). I'm going to Tahoe this weekend (probably Squaw, or anywhere else you guys recommend) and I need advice on which skis to demo. Equipment has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years!

I'm 27 years old, weigh about 177, and am about 6' 1" tall. My 4S's were about 185, so a bit on the short side for that type of ski. I've probably regressed to a level 8 skiier or so, but I look at that as temporary only, and may have been at least partially due to my tired equipment. Due to my "short" slalom skis, my style has always favored very short radius turns, and "hop turns" when the going would get very steep. I like this style, but I'd also like something more versitle though so I can also maybe try laying out some deeper carves, and something better in crudier conditions would be nice too. But basically, I'm looking for a very versatile expert-level ski.

I've always been partial to K2 as they are sort of my "home town" ski, so I'd like to demo something in the Apache line. I'm trying to read the K2 website, but I can't figure out which ski is for what due to their crappy 'top secret' marketing BS. I'm just not sure which Apache model or which size to demo. I was thinking the Apache Crossfire, but would anybody recomend anything else? Which size should I try?

I've also heard good things about the Metron, of course. I'm just not sure which model or size I should try. Any suggestions?

Does anybody know if these skis are available for demo at Squaw Valley? Also, does anybody know where I could find a good late-season deal on any of these? Any other skis I should try (I'll only be up for two days).

Thanks, guys.
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carve, you've got a good start with those. The Crossfires are nice skis, and a good place to start. You may also be able to find some Volkl Allstars and Nordica Hot Rods if one of the places has some 2006 skis. If you've read much here, you know my preferences (Atomic Metron, Fischer RX8, Elan S12, etc.), but there are a number of demo threads that have multiple skis listed in them that should help you, too. dawgcatching, scalce, and others have recently done some, and I did one early season this year and last year. I'd recommend taking a little time to check those out.
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