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Selling 2004 SALOMON CROSSMAX 9 - 175cm

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Excellent condition - skied on about 10 times

Make me an offer

Nothing reasonable will be refused
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Your boards are interesting; if you wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions:

(1) Why are you selling them?
(2) What kind of skiing would they be appropriate for (e.g., high speed arcing, moguls, edge-hold on steeps, etc.)
(3) What level of skier that would enjoy them most (i.e., PSIA level 7, 8, or 9? High energy with lot of "pop" desired,lower energy cruising?)

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Hi JoeB,

In response to your questions:

1) I am selling these skis because I bought a new pair of skis (2006 models!)

2) At 175 cm they resemble more of a GS type ski (17 m turn radius) as they don't have a hughly exaggerated sidecut. They want to make medium to long arching turns and are fairly fast and have solid edge grip. They have much of the power of the Crossmax 10's, but have a softer flex and are more forgiving. They are a ski/binding system with the Pilot S810 Ti bindings.

3) They would be ideally suited to:
  • a high-advanced (level 7), low-expert (level 8) skier
  • in between 5'8" and 6'3" and 160 to 210 lbs
In my opinion, these skis are much better than what Salomon offered in its Crossmax series this year (2004/2005) - other than the 10's.

Here is what they look like..............

(for some reason the pic above doesn't show the front Prolink II stabilizer/dampener bars........the pic below does)

If anyone is seriously interested, I'll post actual photos of the skis so the wear can be seen.
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Oh yeah....... and they are more of a Crusier than a Snappy ski
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Ontario, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate the detail. I like the edgehold performance, but I think I need something right now with a more aggressive sidecut for shorter radius turns--say, something down in the 15' area.

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anyone interested for $175 plus shipping? :
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Crossmax 9s


I'm interested. Would be interested in your height/weight and experience with similar skis. I'm 6'1", 185, an athletic 48 years old and am starting to ski more after about 10 years of 5-10 times per year. I was a good, aggressive skier in my younger days and still like to tackle all terrain.

I'm switching from my old long sticks and tried a bunch of demos a couple of weeks ago. Crossmaxes weren't available but I tried Streetracer 10s and found them a lot of fun, but don't think I will ski short radius fall line all day, everydyay as they seem to demand. Liked Volkl Supersport 4 (all they had from that line) but found them too soft (5 or 6 would probably do but $$$). Crossmax 9 or 10 would seem to suit from what I've seen on this forum.

I'm in Ottawa. Where in ON are you?

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These would be stiffer than the Volkl 4 stars, more like the 5 stars but not as pronounced a sidecut.

They would be quite different than the Streetracers, which would be skied in a shorter length.

They're more of a cruiser and less demanding.

They'd be perfect for your parameters.

BTW, bindings are included in case there is any confusion over that.

I live in Waterloo, ON
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Check your PM's. I'm interested.
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