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Ski Boots

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At my ski shop, they are selling Nordica 5.1 for $199.00. Any opinion on them or any other boots that you all like?
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I have the ladies Nordica Trend 7.0 and love them, they suit my feet. They are a couple of year sold so don't know how they fit in with the current 5.1. My view on boots is that you try all brands and see what shape suits your foot and ankle shape best, then start looking at the features within that brand line. The 7.0 had features over the 5.0 at the time that I wanted, eg. soft/hard setting although I only ever use soft, nowadays I would only expect that racers would ever use the hard setting.
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The most important thing is does it fit the configuration of your foot?? i.e. is your foot shaped like a slice of pizza (nordica shape ) or is boreingly straite or any other configureation.Also remember Nordica is notorious for packing out a lot.I had tried on thier wave 10 at sia and it fit fantastic and when they came out with the beast(one leval higher/same fit) I bought it and changed from 15 years of Salomon.When I got the bootand put it on My heel was asleep after 15 minutes and still after 3/4 hr.at sia I had them on for 3/4 of an hr and they were perfect , what happened is a lot of other people had already packed them out before me. So after doing the dishes from the preceeding few days and several beers later they started to feel better--after 6 dry hours in them they felt like a glove and after 20 days skiing they actualy feel a little loose in the heel.So rember Nordica needs to fit real snug in the shop.Beyond that the 7.1 is the mid line ( 3.1 -7.1 -9.1 for an example) that has most of the features and there are different models ,is your the trend or the next and what is your skiing leval what is your favorite run at Sunrise for groomed is it nastar or is it wikiup
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Watch the flex index on the 5.1. I looked at the Nordica line last season, and I think the F5.2W was a 55 flex. That's a bit soft for general skiing. One step up the model line, such as the F7.2W, and the flex index is 75, much better.
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My preferance for hard boots are Technica Icons. Softies I like the Rossi. soft #1 boot. Both of these are awsome in my opinion.
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I have just learnt from Donda that I must have pizza shaped feet...
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Pepperoni or Plain?
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Does anyone know the flex of the Nordica 981's? Yes I know they are from the early 90's but I am old school ya know. Thanks
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I had a pair of Nordica 981 Racing boots, the black and white ones. I don't think they had a number for them but they were WAY stiff, stiffer then my Grand Prixs, which were 115. The white 981 was less stiff, but probably still up around 100 in new Nordica terms. The stiffness numbers aren't comparable among brands, but I'd say you have a boot that is stiff enough (or too stiff) for almost anyone.
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