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Killington/Pico 3/19 & 3/20

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Killington = I don't think the skiing could have been much better. HUGE sun both days with nary a cloud in the sky, but from the top of Kpeak 4142' you could see so far there were some clouds over NYS. The snow between the trees in the woods was as packed as on any mogul run on the mountain. Many trails had so much snow the hydrants were below the skiing surface. They should have no problem making it to Memorial Day, IF they have enough customers to pay the electric bill. I know that is my worry at home (Windham Mt., NY). Hard to keep the bull wheels turning when 168 of 180 people on the mountain are employees and season pass holders.

Pico = Same plentiful snow both on and off piste. A little hardpack on the upper moutnain because it was cold up there but the lower mtn was super spring conditions. Officially Pico will close for the season next Sunday 3/27. Reason given?? All the offshore outsourced staff will be going home due to the expiration of their 90 day guest work visas.
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Agreed - Pico on Sat and Killington on Sun were awesome. There were lots of nice soft bumps later in the day and the weather couldn't have been better.
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