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Roommate Needed at the Bird

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I will be needing a roommate for my double queen room at Snowbird week of Apr 16. Must be quiet,non-smoking, non-partying, female. PM me for details.
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Anyone who calls it "The Bird" deserves to not find a roomate[:P]
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The original poster forgot to mention he is a 42 year old single man.

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Thanks for sharing, kids, but you are not helping. I am a middle aged woman with a husband who does not share my ski jones.

The only room I could get was too much money but I couldn't resist. Need to split cost.
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This reminds me of hitch hiking. You don't know what kind of person you're letting in your car and they don't know who they're getting in with. Good luck, but it seems risky.
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Sorry Denya, but honestly your original post is so lacking in content it simply is amazing. Do you honestly think that a single female is going to respond to your ad?

Your post sounded highly suspicious because you did not say a single word about yourself. Nor were there specific dates, nor a specific location, nor a price range.
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I suggest watching the video. Pay close attention...


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Please send photo.
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