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Wear The Fox Hat

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Didn't I see this place in a post of yours???

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Can't answer your question, but it so happens I tried out one of these just last week. New Zealand's first snow dome opened about 3 weeks ago. Initially I was skeptical, thinking it wouldn't be very interesting. And indeed, it is rather different from skiing on a real mountain. One run, almost completely smooth and featureless (except for the terrain park, which I avoided) -- and a very slow platter lift! (It has to be, to cater for less-able riders) Not to mention the lack of decent views. But to be able to be on snow at all, in the middle of a hot summer's day, was very very cool (pun unintended). I wouldn't want to ski all day there, but for an hour (or maybe even two), it's actually a lot of fun. As for the snow being "wet", I found it about the same as any artificially-made snow.
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