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Volkl 4 Star vs. 7 24 EXP -- seeking advice

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I am 5'9", 155 lbs and 28 yr old.. advanced skier spending most of my time in VT.

I am having a hard time deciding bwtn the 7 24 EXP and 4-Star.

I ski the whole mountain but enjoy tearing up the bumps the most. I dont worry much about big GS turns.. its more important to me to make tight fall line turns and feel in-control on mogul runs. The ski pros said I should try the 5-star...I demoed the 5-stars at size 175... too much ski for me to handle, the 168s were better but I didnt have the weight and power to make them perform as they should. I still felt like I was working to hard to make short tight turns on the fall-line and getting tossed out of my line in the moguls...i needed something softer. I also skiied for two days with the 7 24 EXP size 170 which i liked... pretty soft and i could really make sharp turns on the sides of steep runs although that weekend I was skiing with people who didnt like the bumps so I didnt really get a feel for their performance in the bumps. I considered buying the 724 EXP but several salespersons have told me that they are too wide for me considering i ski 100% in Vermont. I heard others complain that the EXP's stiff tails were annoying in the bumps which disappointed me but i didnt have enough runs to see for myself.

I didnt even know Volkl made a softer 4-Star until i was on Ebay this weekend... I am thinking that is probably the ski for me but hate buying without demoing but i dont think i will have another shot to demo this season. How much softer are the 4-star than the 5-star? I assume the softer ski will allow me to carve a short tight turn with less quad-power. Also the softer ski will be easier to manuver in the bumps while the narrower waist (vs the 724) will allow me to be on edge quick and hold ice in VT. People say to 'ski them short' but i think a 161/163 (whatever the next size down is) is probably too short for me and 168 in a softer 4-star would be right... All suggestions are appreciated!


_Thanks, Aram aramgreen@gmail.com
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There are a number of people on this forum who can give you more knowledgable points of view about Volkls. For me, I don't think you can go wrong with either ski. Both would work well as a one ski quiver in the East, although both have a noticeable speed limit. Both handle bumps, although the 4Star are better at them. The edge grip of the EXP is fine, although the 4Star is better in tight spots and will be quicker edge to edge. The EXP will be better in crud. If you can't demo, I would decide based on how much time you spend or think you will spend off piste. If you are more than 80% on the frontside in VT, I would generally lean toward the 4Star at 168 and it sounds like the 4Star is a good fit for you. However since you only skied the EXP at 170 and liked it, it also depends on how risky your are.

You're right, you'll be able to make crusing-type turns better in a softer ski and a softer ski will be more forgiving in bumps. The 4Star is noticeably softer than the 5 Star, both torsionally and on edge. However, I thought this made the 4Star much more fun and forgiving in the bumps. Nevertheless, even with the end of season deals, I would be very cautious about buying a ski without trying them at least once before.
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That is very helpful Swan... anyone have other thoughts I should consider?
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I hated the 4*, haven't skied the 724, but maybe you should try the 5* in the next shorter length down from the 168.

I would not buy any ski without demoing first.

I am about your size (5-10/160), Lvl 8, and ski Head carving skis in 163, which are definitely not too short. They have great stability at very high speed, great edge hold and are a lot of fun. It is easy to over-turn short skis, but IMO that just makes you learn better technique.
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I'm about your weight and I ski the Volkl EXP in a 170. If you're gonna get a Volkl, definitely get the EXP over the 4 star. WHile I have not demoed the 4 star, it is meant as an intermediate level ski and is not as versatile as the EXP--just because you ski in the east doesnt mean you dont get those occasional dumps and you wanna enjoy those rare days with a wider ski. Wider is better!! It's true that the EXP isn't as good as other skis in the bumps, but that may be a good thing because it makes you a better bump skier. It is a somewhat stiff ski. If all you care about is bumps, I would recommend the Salomon 10 Pilot Hot which is the best bump ski i've tried but sucks at everything else. The rossignol b2 is also pretty good in bumps and is a better carver than the salomon. I would get the EXP if you value carving over bumps. I would get the rossignol b2 if you value both equally. And I would get the salomon if you value only bumps and not anything else.

And for great deals on skis, ebay is the place to be.
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Terp suggested what I was thinking. If you do get a chance to demo still, you might like the 5Star at 161 better than the 4Star at 168. It'll be interesting to see which one you like better.

I disagree with mrzin (although I agree with him that the EXP is more versatile). The 4Star would fit as a lightweight advanced ski. People's ego get caught up in marketing jargon, which is why I find so many people in skis and boots way above their levels. I personally see more beginners and intermediates on 5 Star than 4 Star, that doesn't necessary make the 5 Star a better intermediate ski. You seem very aware about how you ski and what your preferences are. A 4/5Star would make better sense than a EXP or B2. If the overwhelming majority of your skiing will be quick turns on groomers and tearing up bumps, why get mid-fat skis that will not do them as well as cross/carving skis (unless of course, you want a ski that will float better in powder. In which case there might be better fits than the EXP).
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Originally Posted by aeliasgreen
I ski the whole mountain but enjoy tearing up the bumps the most... I considered buying the 724 EXP but several salespersons have told me that they are too wide for me considering i ski 100% in Vermont.
I would disagree with this. I also ski mainly in VT, but also head out west once a year. My terrain of choice is trees/bumps. My skis (Dynastar Intuitiv 74) are 74 mm underfoot, and I don't find them "too wide". I think you'd be fine with the EXP - but I would try to demo them when you can ski some bumps.

When you say you ski the whole mountain, do you mean ungroomed & off trail as well as on trail? If yes (or if you see that in the near future), I would go with the EXP, or another mid-fat. If no, then a carving ski like the 4* might fit the bill, but again, I would demo first. Good luck.
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my current main ski is a 178 volkl p40 platinum(2001 season) with marker mrr turntable bindings - close to a race ski but still a bit forgiving...I am looking to replace soon as they approach about 75 days, my tech is certain that my next ski should be the volkl 7 24 exp with piston motion in a 177....he states the super series is too limited tho nice, and the exp is a much more versatile ski tho still with a race feel( stiff) for a mid fat....I do venture into all types of terrain and the platinums get bogged down a bit in deep gnarly snow....he tells me this will not happen with exp's....he further tells me they are tenacious as most volkl's on hardpack with edge grip....I do not venture into "bump runs" tho as you seem too....and my tech is aware of this....I trust my tech he has always been spot on in the past....and knows exactly what I like.... comes down a few more bucks and I will be walking out with a pair....(he did mention tho that the 2006 allstars would be hot for me in a 168 tho gonna be no deals there-) sooooo to summarize I might buy the exps new then go with a 2nd hand bump ski on ebay, and bring a 2 ski quiver to the hill....I wouldn't see the exp as a bump ski....if that's where you gonna be, might look elsewhere...or discover the whole hill on a killer pair of volkl 7 24 exp's...btw you can score a full exp rig in 170 right this minute on ebay for under $550...but move quick...they are all "buy it now" auctions.
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