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Atomic Warenty

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Hey everyone-

I have the Atomic Betarace 9.16. I bought them new (still in the wrapper) this year, but they're last years skis. Black variocharger, not the yellow race charger. I have new atomic bindings on them too. I've noticed that they have just started to delamenate, very slight. How long are the skis covered in warrenty? If it is one year then i'll bring them back before next season, but if not i'de like to get more use out of them before they are replaces.

One more thing, will they replace them with the new 9.16's, or the ones that I have?

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Usually skis are warrenteed for a year. Recently Atomic will guarantee your skis for two years, I beieve, if you have Atmic bindings on them. if they are coming apart, send them back now. Atomic will replace them with the same ski. They might allow you to 'upgrade' by paying the difference in price between the two models.
We saw this extra guarantee this year on Atomics. Basically this is a marketing ploy to get you to buy Atomic products. Usually, when proforming Salomon skis they won't send you just the ski. You need to order the bindings too. They don't want another vendor's binding on their ski.

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