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Crossmax sizing and Competitors

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Had a chance to demo about 8 skis in the last few weeks and the Crossmax 10's (this year's) really stand out. I want to see if these are right though. See characteristics below:

I had to demo Crossmax at 165 and 170 lengths as they didn't have anything longer. They seemed pretty good but the conditions were unusual -- constant snowing. I'm 6'2" 200lbs, very strong and aggressive skier. (put in perspective vok's 724 exp demos snapped - yes snapped under my leg).

That said I still like quick, soft, and sorta all mountain skis which is nothing like my regulars. My regulars are Atomic Beta Rides (03-04) 184.

I enjoy moguls, glades, cruising, and live/ski in New England. As you can probably see, the Beta Rides are very tough for what I like to do in the area that I ski.

1) What is the sizing for the crossmax's for me? None of the reps gave any convincing info and one even said the longest they come is 170 (although I saw a 180 on someone) I was assuming 175/180

2) Any other skis I should demo along the line of the Crossmax's? I'm not interested in another specialty ski like the SX11 that you can only use for one person -- I realize some on this forum say all mountain skis do everything equally bad but I don't want to be set in stone like with the Beta Rides or SX11's what I can do any given situation. Also was gonna take out the Scream Extra Hot but was told the Crossmax were the same but stiffer... since i find the Crossmax soft and comfy I assume the Scream will be squishy?

3) Any reviews on the Crossmax's for this year by readers? I didn't find any via search.

Sorrry for the long post, just wanna get this stuff straight to get good advice out of it.
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I demoed the Xtra Hot and really liked it a lot. I think it leans more toward the bumps and trees sideof what you are looking for, but it skiied pretty well on the groomers too. Really nice in bumps though.

Try Volkl's Unlimited AC4. Stockli Stormrider XL is pretty nice too.
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My findings:
I found the Crossmax 10 between the SX10 and SX11 in terms of grip and ability to transmit forces. I also found that them more versatile;they could be pivoted as easlily as tipped to turn, whereas the SXs liked to stay on-track. Their stability at high speeds exceeds that of the SX10s in my experience, but I didn't get a chance reach speeds that would test them against the SX11s. Like you alluded to above, they did everything well that I asked of them, but did nothing great. They are a good compromise ski, like the best all-season tire.

You should also try a Fischer RX8 and an Elan S12.
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You may find this thread interesting
I'm probably less agressive then you, definitely lighter (160lbs) and both my technique and shape could be better ! Though, I agree the crossmax is on the 'comfy' side for a ski cross.
quoting myself...
I've demoed this year the Völkl superspeed, Salomon Crossmax Ten and Dynastar skicross ten.
I' ve found the Völkl the fastest and safest at high speed. they just run trough every thing. But thay are very challenging and physical also. You've got to push them all the time or they throw you out of the curve. Great to make progress, great blast on hardpacked snow. but tiring and not versatile enough. They don't like tight turns, they dont like to cruise, they don't like the deep... and they're heavy ! (oh, and they look cool...)
The salomon are the easiest of the three, good at everything, excellent in nothing. But still safe at speed, what skicross are made for, less solid than the Völkl that's all. maybe a good choice for an intermediate skier that don't plan to go off-piste (otherwise he should go for a Bandit or a similar ski).
The Dynastar are in between. and probably the best compromise (for me anyway). Really competent for those sunny days when you want sheer speed and thrill, forgiving when your legs are burning, or in a moguls field during a white day.
Oh, and the crossmax is definitely avalaible in 180cm, that's the size I've tried.
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I have a pair of Crossmax 10's in a 165. I am 5'11' and 220lbs and ski the Crossmax all over the mountain (frontside). I think they are a great ski!

I skied the 06' version of the Crossmax in a 170 last week (great ski also) and if I where to buy a new pair I would go with the 165 again.
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Thanks for the replies... Any opinions if 165's are too small for a 6'2" person?
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