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N. Tahoe dinners, brewpubs?

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We're staying at the Cal-Neva, will have a car. Recommendations for places to eat, drink? And is there a nearby ski shop we could get some minor binding adjustments done tomorrow to save some time rushing to make tracks on Monday morning....? </adrenaline rush in anticipation >

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Right across the street, the Tahoe Biltmore has a retaraunt, casino and brews. I distinctly remember one house brew with an amber tint that had quite a kick.
Right up the street on the California side within 1 or 2 miles of Cal-Neva there are several ski shops that can do your bindings. Most open at 8am.
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pdx, you have to stop @ Jake's restaurant. It is located right on the water with great food. Try the poke' rolls for an appetizer.
Have fun skiing.........it's currently snowing
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Having ate almost every night at the Biltmore buffet for a week, I will not eat that buffet again. Not it is no good, just cannot compare to the food at Reno or S. Tahoe.
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thanks for the suggestions-- I've eaten @ the Biltmore buffet, will prolly hit it again this time for a meal or two-- jackwan1, driving to Reno (or S. Tahoe) for dinner's a bit much No better options closeby....?
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You can try Hilton's buffet@Incline Village. They have real Alaskan Crab, however, that is $24.95 or more per person.
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Sorry if my reply is too late, the Tahoe brewery is right there in Stateline, I doubt you'll miss it if you're looking. Good food, great happy hour deal ($2 pints, half price appys and pizza).

As for ski shops, there are several choices in Kings Beach which would be the closest. Dave's has a good reputation. In Incline I like the Village Ski Loft or Porters, both seem to be staffed by helpful, knowledgable folks.
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Fiamma in Tahoe City. nm

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Had a great meal for a decent price at Jason's in Kings beach. The lone eagle grill at the Hyatt at Incline was great but very pricey.
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