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Hi all,

Just returned last night from a 6 day eastern ski road trip. My son and I hit a different mountain every 2-days.

We started out with a 5-hour drive to Whiteface last Sat. Whiteface had gotten about 5-6" the day before and another inch or so while we were there but I believe there was some rain involved as well and conditions were what I would call ok. Probably pretty good for "Iceface", but kind of hard, slick and scraped. The best snow was at the summit, which we never skied because the summit quad broke down Sunday Morning just as we were about to get on and it was closed all day Monday too. Probably still closed for all I know. Heard on the mountain that the problem had something to do with bearings in the top bull-wheel. Also on Monday, the Gondola was closed due to wind for most of the day. Still, we had fun racing each other on the Nastar course. The kid took a silver, I could only manage bronze.

Someone here called Whiteface a tilted ironing board. I agree completely. While it is long and has a good pitch it has a narrow, very similar band of trails, all groomed flat. Boring. We will go back only after a major dump to ski the summit and, hopefully, the slides.

After skiing Monday we took a 3-hour tour along the Canadial border, across Lake Champlain and Northern Vermont to Jay Peak. Snow, snow and more snow! Jay peak lived up to it's rep. for pow and for all I know it's probably still snowing up there.

We found one scraped spot with a bit of ice on one groomer and laughed about it. As soon as you leave the farmland and head up the mountain the snow gets deeper and deeper and deeper. It snowed off and on for much of our 2-days there and on Wednesday there was untracked snow to spoil on almost every run. The trees were great, but I have one complaint about Jay's glades. With so many of us skiing there they get bumped out. Still much fun though and if you traverse to the edges where trees are tighter and there is less traffic you can find some smooth pow in the woods. There was no line for the tram and as it was windy I avoided the "Freezer" altogether. The Jet triple was mostly out of the wind. I admit that I did not ski the face, but next time I will. Jay was hard to leave!

South to Okemo. A great way to wrap up a week of skiing. The broad sprawl shining over Ludlow was sunny, groomed to perfection, and warmer than the northern peaks we had been skiing. Time to shed a layer or two, soak up the sun and do some high-speed cruising. Grilled burgers on the Sugar House deck... cushy high-speed chairs... jacuzzis and heated pools... and, last but not least - spring corn snow just beginning to form. My knees are feeling the week, probably because of too many bumps at Okemo. But they were nice and soft. Soft, yes, but not too soft, nooo.

And that's all folks. I think were probably done for the year. But hey, it's still mid-winter at Jay and Okemo has several weeks of great spring skiing ahead so....