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Anyone been to Hunter lately?

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Hunter Mountain has it's any season pass free day this Sunday, and I'm thinking about doing the 2.5 hour drive to go out that way and check it out (I've generally stayed away this season because of how unpleasant I've heard this place can be).

Has anyone been there lately? How are the surfaces holding up? I skied at Greek Peak up here in central New York late this afternoon, and it was pretty damn hard and it's hard to tell from Hunter's condition reports just what it is like there (loose granular, hard packed, huh?).

Thanks in advance to anyone who can chime in here!

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Weather forecast for Sunday is for 41 degrees. That should soften things up and be spring conditions. They might not be able to groom Saturday night if it doesn't get below freezing, so things could be a little bumpy. Friday's conditions at Greek will probably not be a very good indication of Sunday's. To ski Hunter for free is worth the 2.5 hour drive.
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