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Fox-Happy belated Birthday!! I'm glad we had the chance to finally get together and have a drink. It was nice to spend a little time chatting with you, and hopefully, we can continue our discussions (and drinks) next year at Snowbird.
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A few photos from last week...

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Here's some shots from our day at Beaver Creek with Fox. Better late than never!!

Beaver Creek Photos

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Hey Bong, great photos, brings back some good memories...
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Had fun with you and the rest of the bears we skied with. Let us know when you get out this way again and we'll ski together again.

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My trip to Vail overlapped with FoxHat's - kept meaning to sort out a meeting, but somehow never quite got around to it. My apologies for that - maybe next time.

Anyway, some of my photos to prove the weather really was that good . . . . Blue Sky Basin from various points. Those are a pair of Public Enemies I'm wearing on Blue Sky Cornice, for the record - the Pistol's little brother serves a lightweight like me just fine







Great fun :

(edit - on the road down to Skyline, I kept seeing pairs of Pistols and wondering . . . . . maybe some of these were actually the same day, not sure)
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I believe we have you in Tahoe this year.

What should I do to xxx I mean with WTFH for his birthday this year?
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
Just returned from a few drinks with the Coach, and found the internet connection in the hotel.
It's been great to meet everyone so far
Happy Birthday Fox!

BTW--You probably don't recall, but when we were having those beers we shared on 3/24 two years ago in Vail, you were actually helping me celebrate my birthday! I know you're in Tahoe this year, so I hope this celebration is a good one.
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