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bruised shin may cause trip to dark side

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banged the shin real good on a fall last weekend and can not really flex my ski boots with out pain "bad news"...now maybe good news ....have sons snowboard and boots"same size" and was thinking maybe i would try it again: "tried 10 years ago and broke a rib" any insite or tips would be great"wanted to learn just did not want to waste 5 good ski days to do it"
1. lesson
2. helmet
3.3 pairs of gloves
4.change of clothes
5. waterproof pants"my marrmots have knee pads"
6.pants that show half my ass
8.any body art
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Dont forget the "tude". Get a large one, one that doesnt fit.
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Like spork's.
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Take a lesson. Get straight run to heel edge turn. Learn falling leaf and heel edge sideslip and you will be able to get through steeper sections. Now go back to easier run and link turns. KEEP YOUR DOWNHILL EDGE OUT OF THE SNOW. Don't be on a flat board ever unless you are pointed straight downhill. Try to avoid railing your toe-side turn, carving comes later. Flatten the board (but not TOO MUCH) and think about spreading butter on bread.

Pressuring toe edge or heel edge will start board turning toeside or heelside but as soon as you start turning, make a skidded (steered) turn so you can control it. Ok nice, now pressure the other edge, spread the butter, hey you are linking turns or something like that. Wrist guards might be good idea or make a fist and fall on your forearms held close to your chest. After 2 or 3 sessions you will be flowing down the hill! Surf's up, great time of year to ride, brah!
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jus' say no to snowboards....your shins will heal, do not sell your soul to the knuckledraggers!!
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ok here ya go ...i took a 2 hour lesson "with wife" after an hour i prayed for anything that would make the pain go away"ass is so soar forearm also" could not get over the fact that if i leaned back i was screwed and would have to fall to stop.."all i could say to my self was please god make it stop".i really hoped it would be over...we tried after we ate but were wiped out..so right now getting ready yo go skiing ...figure the pain in shin is one of many pains today and seems minor compared to most of my new ones...so never again will i venture to the darkside
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You're doing really well, I'm sure your instructor told you so, right? Next time you will learn to turn to a stop, falling leaf, sideslip. Third day linked skidded turns! You payed a lot of dues, don't throw it away now! You will never ride as bad or get beat up like the first day. Your wife's not quiting already too?
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