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Is it raining in Tahoe?

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We have rain here in the Bay Area, just wondering if it is raining or snowing(wishful thinking) in Tahoe? Anyone is there today(3/18)?
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It's sunny in Reno right now....but the mountains are supposed to get 1'-2' this weekend (starting later today). I think they said snow levels will start around 6000' dropping to 5000' by Sunday,,,
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Looks like the storm may last all the way until next week.

I hate work.
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the mountains are supposed to get 1'-2' this weekend

did he say 1 to 2 feet ? he said 1 to 2 feet ! Hot Dam !
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the weather report says 8-9 inches. I have no idea where he got that 1 to 2 feet. The rain is not hard in the Bay Area right now.
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Snow forecast tonite [Fri] through Wed!!

Looks fabulous-- & I'm headed up Sun-Thurs >> eeee-haaa!

Heavy snow forecast Sat & Sun, with continued flakes thru Wed.
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It's snowing now!
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Thanks, Rick--

Originally Posted by ski_rick
It's snowing now!
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Don't know about lake level but it's snowing here at 6800 (near Donner summit)

The first swell is only supposed to leave a small amount. The storm gets stronger as the weekend progresses predicted storm totals (tuesday) are expected to be in the 2-3 feet.

What I'm worried about is the wind. They are expecting high winds tomorrow.

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windy weekend...

yes, I saw the forecast high winds for Sat/Sun, but that seems to be over by Monday [when our krew will hit the slopes..... on all the freshies] </insane scream of joy>
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scroll down to the cameras on hwy 80 & 50.........great webcams.
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