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fat skis for my dad ??? (50 + mid level skier) big sidecut or no??

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i know some of you are sick of these posts but my dad asked me to do this...

50+ mid level skier skiing 40 + days a year in a good year
looking for a powder ski but if it can be an everyday ski great
,, likes blues and some easier blacks ,, would love to ski bumps and trees more,and better,,, (he'll follow me into some tight spots but has real tuff time with tight steeps,, tuff bumps,,, trees,, etc,,)
looked at metron ex pulse ti ,, but its pricy 1100 $ (all prices canadian and price is a small factor ) also thinking of b5,,, seems tough to get...

also looking at volkl explosivs (cmh version) for about 400 $
i want the volkl 7 24 pro would it work for him????
any other thoughts dynastar legend???? rossignol b2?? 3????
everyone rides pocket rockets r they any good???

i guess what im really wondering is..
how important is sidecut on a powder day ie,big vs small?? what about stiff vs. soft ,, which would he like more???

i am an advanced skier and i dont have fat skis so i think most of what im recommending is just what im hoping to steal for a few runs any help is appreciated thanks
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sorry forgot to add, hes 6 feet tall about 220 lbs,,,
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JZ, I'd try to find the Explosivs if this is a "pure powder day" ski. You might also consider the Atomic Sugar Daddy. Sidecut doesn't make a big difference on a powder day. Where is he skiing? Utah? Tahoe? Colorado?
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A bit more expensive, but the Volkl AC4 for 2006 looks like a good candidate. It will be much easier to handle than the Explosiv with good float and a tighter turn radius. Dimensions are 125-82-110 Radius 17.8m/177cm. Should be great in all conditions, and better in soft. Currently selling for nearly $900 with bindings, but price may drop some as we get into next seasona and the ski is more widely distributed. This is close in price to the 724 Pro (115-77-104 Radius 22.1 m). AC4 is a new model and should be much more versitile and easier to pilot compared to the other skis mentioned. If you have the money, that is one I would look at.
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more info--- we ski mostly candian rockies... lake louise kicking horse etc,, but my sis is a competitive skier and my dad chases her to many different places,, last few years have been utah,, interior b.c. .. tahoe area etc,, he will use these skis mostly around here ,, but could end up anywhere?? fingers crossed for torino 2006,,,

thanx cirque, will add the ac4 to the list .. i think i want that one too ..
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I would suggest the B2. It is forgiving and friendly and can go anywhere except real icy conditions. For more gusto, I would suggest an Elan M666. The perfect combination for off and on piste, and everything in between.
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how short can we go,, as said he is 6ft 220 lbs,, and probably takes it pretty slow compared to most on here,, we can get the cmh volkl in 165 or 173,, would the 165 be long enuf?? for deep snow??
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What is he skiing on now? You say he skis 40 days/year but has trouble on especially steep or tight, and bumps. Does your day carve rounded turns using the edges, or does he prefer to slip turns to spoil speed? The V Explosiv is not shaped like the short carving ski. The tails will not hang in a turn or bumps, but the turn radius is fairly long. This just means you can choose to slip turns as necessary, or charge longer arcs on the edges. The ski will have more float than most and will not be badly deflected when skiing cut powder, crud, corn and spring slush. Its not a great ice ski. For soft conditions, a longer ski will allow a more balanced (weight forward) stance compared to a shorter ski. But knowing more about his current equipment and technique would helo with your questions.
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The AC4 sounds like a good bet. The Dynastar 8000 may also work. At his size I would think he'd be happy on a 177cm. Don't rule out the PR, it is an amazing ski. I ski my sons when I can. Were Volkl and Atomic people but he has and I want PR's.

Sounds like Dad could use a few lessons also.
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my dads current skis are head carving skis,, probaly 5- 6 yrs old,(approx 95 - 65- 85) but im guessing, i think they are a 176 or so,, he used to think they were too short but not anymore, (at one time he had some atomic 210's), as for technique,, he can carve on easier blues and greens,, but definetly slides em around on anything steeper,, will the 165 be stable enough,??, he does not ski very fast,,
the ac4 looks awesome,, but i think the price difference is pushing us towards the cmh explosiv,,
i think if he doesnt spend too much on a dedicated powder ski then he will buy(ie my mom will let him buy ) a skinny stick aswell...

sounds like the explosiv would work for his style. And since hes not much of a carver,, the metron stuff might not be the best?? (opinions??? am i right in assuming this??)

thx a ton everyone for all the help.. ive learnt alot ..

maxcapacity,, i agree that he could use a lesson .. i just dont think he will, but i do reccomend it sometimes,, i am an instructor,, but i know my dad well enuf to keep my mouth shut about his techniqe.(well most of the time atleast).. im sure he would have fun in a good lesson ,, i just dont know how to get him there in the first place... we used to take lessons seperately,, but i think hes had a few bad experiences because he has not suggested this for some time,, this might be a good time for me to ask why he dosent do this anymore,, i will try to bring it up with him and find out why this is,..
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Legend 8000, 178...yes?
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jimmy, May be you can see if your local hill offers a lesson or clinic for family members. I wish people could realize that the better you get the more fun skiing becomes. It's hard for people to admit they need lessons. They have to want to get better, if they don't buy in, there is no gain.

May be someone on the instruction forum can give you some pointers. everytime I learn something new in my skiing it just makes this so much easier and loads more fun. I have a buddy that can get free lessons but still fights doing so.

Me, I could use more lessons but I do try to get one a year. I have friends that are level II and III's so I get lots of tips. I have been help one friend sutdy for her Level III part two. The things we talked about made my lesson so much better. I know I'm lucky to have such good friends.

Hope your dad can get over it and move on to having more fun. This sport is so great.

Good Luck
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