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Holy Crap!

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Anybody ever get pre-release from chatter?: This is an experience heretofore unknown to me but I just got back from Kirkwood and it was an icy mess. As i was banging my way down an ice cube slope at the top of chair 11 (? I think. whichever one it was it's the steepest on the mountain.) I had pretty much given up on trying to carve this shit and was just pushing the edges in on quick turns as hard as I could. At one point I caught a REAL big chatter from the edges slipping and my downhill ski RELEASED.: As i've said in other postings I keep my DIN around 9 or 10 and today was no exception. I know this isn't an extreme retention level but DAMN! Anybody else have similar experiences and possible remedies (and before you bother trying to tell me I should have just been carving, trust me, you would NOT have been carving this turd of a slope. This is possibly the worst snow I've ever skied outside of the east coast.)
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See this article at Vermont Ski Safety. This is actually very common, and is actually a high probability event. Releasing as a result of ski counterflex was a key reason behind the design of forward pressure tracks that allowed the bindings to move on the skis (called the "FLEX effect" in the article). There are a number of others. Please check it out...
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Similar kinda "pop out" happened to me earlier this year when my ball cap blew off and a really hard edge jam quick stop coincided with a snowcat track groove in the ice. Doesn't sound exactly like your out but they are supposed to release when the torque on the foot/leg exceeds a certain spec.
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Certain bindings have different levels of elastic retention, with Look/Rossignol tending to be the highest, Salomon somewhere in the middle, and Marker tending to be the lowest. This is why most freeskiers hate Markers...
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It is my understanding that chatter is the ratteling of a ski against firm snow when carving or going straight. Bindings shouldn't prerelease during this kind of chatter. Tahoe off piste is real icy right now and I am not surprised to hear of pre-releasing while jamming your skis sideways against this kind of icy uneven surface. I would not increase the din based on this experience.

When the snow sucks this bad off piste I am perfectly happy to carve up the groomers except for where the sun has softened the snow enough for a softer ride.

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My first thought was "counterflex" ant the article ssh quotes.
I experineced it last season is a GS race.
Tyrolia tries (or alt least claims so) to reduce the danger of "counterflex release" with the Free Flex Plus function.
Softer flex of today┬┤s skis contributes to the phenomenon.
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Most people around here refer to that as "shocking" the boot out. I wouldn't refer to it as chatter but more counterflex like the guys above are saying. My ski was pointing down the falline when it released so it wasn't like I hit a ridge sideways.

I did it on Tuesday and paid the price. I broke my fibula head and bruised the rest of my body.

I was left with my right ski going pretty fast down a slightly rutted run so there wasn't much I could do.

I didn't blame the binding at all. I blamed the driver.
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When chatter starts, It's time for a new turn

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you guys got a point about popping into a new trun when the chatter starts. that's what I was forced to do for the rest of the day. Intersting input about markers having a crappy retention ability in these situations. Insofar as I've never dealt with shuddering like that before I have no other binging to compare it to (one thing I forgot to mention is that these are the "piston" models. not sure how much of a difference that really makes but figured I'd mention since they're supposed to smooth out this sort of thing...yeah right.) And scalce you're right...the driver was ultimatley at fault and it may be that the only real way to avoid this in the future is to just make more turns with less dig on each one...but turning is for sissies. HA!
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nochaser3006, there are some circumstances that just can't be overcome by modern bindings. (Now, a Burt, on the other hand...! )

But, that said, you want to keep an eye on the possibility. You don't want to end up like Scalce due to a combination of the conditions and the way your skis respond to them...
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