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Okemo 3/19/05

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I am going to be at Okemo this weekend chaperoning a school group. Because there are plenty of chaperones, I will have some time to ski free of kids. If anyone is going to be there let me know. Maybe we can take a run or two together.
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Contact Max Capacity...chances are he will be there. look for the yellow helmet.
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We did look for you today, and thought we saw you, but it was some guy dressed in your jacket and helmet!

The snow was awesome today, wasn't it?
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I was there. It was an awesome day. I skied until 2:30 when I had to go in to the lodge and do my "duty" as a chaperone. I was in my Yellow and Blue coat, minus the helmet which I accidently left in my car when I jumped on the bus at 5:45 AM (1/2 asleep still.) I thought I saw Jeff, this guy was skiing just like he does, but when I got closer I saw that he was about 6'2" tall.

While I did get around the mountain, I spent a lot of time on the greens with a student who had no one to ski with (her buddies are park rats and she just started to ski this year and didn't feel comfortable in the parks.) You know me...when I see a wayward duckling I take it under my wings. By about noon we ventured on to a couple blue trails and she was feeling a little more secure with her skiing.
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We went everywhere.....green, blue, some blacks.......it was FUN!!!!!
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