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Boots 101

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Looking into a new pair of boots...lets see where to start...am an above average skier who likes all type of mountain conditions....have good knowledge about skis just from demoing and reading various information...however have not a clue what ot look for in a boot. Can someone give me some indight to the area of skiing.
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MJS26, welcome to EpicSki!

Similar to real estate, there are three things important when looking for boots: fit, fit, and fit.

Depending on where you live/ski, you need to go find the best bootfitter you can. Check out the list here or at MasterFit U. Also, check out this info on boot fitting.

Most good bootfitters will look at your bare feet, learn about your ability and plans to improve, and recommend a few boots that will fit and work for you. This is really the only way to get an appropriate boot, IMNSHO.
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What ssh said.
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Don't buy boots by brand. Check several shops out.Any good bootfitter will look at your foot & should know where to start. Buy a boot from a shop that will guarantee the fit after you use it. Remeber that a boot will pack out after use, so buy or demo one that's tighter than one that's "cushy'

Skiing is a lot like sex, you don't have to be good to enjoy it
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