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Metron B5 rentals?

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Hi. Thanks to all who participate in this forum. Its been very informative and entertaining for me.

I have quick question - can someone recommend a ski rental outfit that offers the Atomic Metron B5? It could be either in Denver or on way to Keystone or Copper Mountain. I'm flying to Denver this Sunday morning (20 Mar 05) and want to get in a half day's worth of skiing if at all possible.

I realize that its "spring break" time and there may be lack of inventory, but, figured someone out here would have some suggestions.

Thanks so much in advance.
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I believe that they have them on the weekend at the Solitude Station demo center at Copper. Christys should have some, too (call the various locations).
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Thanks! I'll try to contact them today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend.
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