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Hey guys, I'm new to this board.
I'm looking for some advice on some new skis.
I like the trees the most, I love hairy terrain and steep stuff,love pow,bumps, and do a little bc.I need a quick turning ski for the tight spots.
I ski mostly at Gore and Jay, and make a week trip out to utah every year. SO i need a versitile ski.
Heres what I've narrowed it down to, but I'm definately open to other suggestions.I'm looking for something in the 170-176 range and an advance/expert skier, but I'm a small guy(5'5", 110lbs).

K2 Apache Chief- 174/167
Dynastar Legend 8800- 168
Head Im 88- 176
Volkl Karma- 169
Seth Viscious-169
Rossi B4-168

Thank you for your time!
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Hi nippledeep and wellcome to the Epic ski forum. Your thread belongs in the general equipment section so maybe you should try to move it there in order to get good feedback. Head skis are great. You cannot go wrong with them if you want something rigid and stable to stand on during an earth quake.
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how do i move it?
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at 110# these all are likely to be at least one measure too long. You have no idea how odd it is for me to say I out weigh you (or any guy our height) by 50 pounds!! I am also 5'5 and I ski a Head Monster iM70 in 170. I'd go shorter especially if the ski is stiffer.
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actually i ski a 170 armada AR5 right now and feel very good on it. I think i might even be able to go longer. I deffinately want to stay around the 165-175 range.
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I am usually quiet when I ski, but the day I demo'd the Fischer Big Stix 7.6 in the powder and tight trees I yip yip yipped all the way through them, and I was not even embarassed. I was also impressed with them in the moguls.I was on 175's, but I know they come in 165 cm. They were also some of the lightest skis I have ever skied. Try em!
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