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bindings for line assassin

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I am looking for a binding for line assassin skis. I considered going with one of the line bindings but after researching them they seem to still have some kinks in them. This is only the second time I have purchased skis and so I am new at this. I have been skiing for 15 years and I have the ability to ski most terrain except your extreme types of terrain. I am from Kentucky so the majority of my skiing is done in the east, all though I due make it out west a couple of times a year. Since most of my skiing in the east just does not compare to the west I have recently started enjoying park and pipe terrain.

This year I finally decided to purchase my own skis because I started working at Galyan's Sporting Goods (before they became Dick's Sporting Goods and turned into a crappy store) and got a discount on ski equipment. I have also found out that being in Kentucky my choices for ski equipment was slim compared to what is really out there. Being out in Breckenridge last month I took the time to actually check out what all different people were skiing. I am skiing on the K2 omni 3.5 160. I chose the smaller length because i thought I would enjoy them better in the parks. I have also realized that my skis are good for a first pair, but skill wise I probably want something better. I figured that I would ski these till I finished with college (another 1-1 1/2 years) and then purchase a higher quality ski.

Well after researching skis the last month I found out that they actually make terrain park skis. A friend I was staying with out in Breck was skiing line skis and I really likes his so I while researching them this last month I found some online at REI for 180 dollars. I did not plan to buy another pair of skis this year but 180 dollars for the line assassins seemed like a good buy so I went ahead a bought them. Now I need a good binding for them. I am looking for a binding that is not necesarily designed for the park and pipe, or one that is designed for agressive free skiing. I want one that kind of falls in the middle of being a park pipe binding and a aggressive free skiing binding.

All advice is welcome and appriciated.
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rossi scratch,
look p10 (or p12 idk) jib
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Binding manufacturers don't really differentiate between park and aggressive free-ski bindings except maybe in the paint job. You will want one that isn't very lifted for the park. Since you are younger and probobly into pushing yourself buy ones that go at least up to 10 and probably ones that go to 12. I think you will be happy with most manufacturers out there especially Rossi/Look, Salomon, and Marker. Go with the best deal. A good salesperson will take good care of you filling in the information blanks. Make sure they realize that you are into the park as there are some models from all manufacturers that are built and priced for newer less aggressive skiers that don't work very well in the park. Ben
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Park/jib models are usually lighter weight than convetional and have no lift. The Look P12 Jib or Rossi Scratch for example (same binding). Salomon has a park model of the 912 but I forget what it is called. Either is good. Avoid anything with risers, or any other type of plate. Atomic is too heavy for park and Marker MAY have problems (just avoid them, no real advantages to speak of). Look/Rossi or Salomon, either is good.
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For park - not to many will argue with Look P10/12 (or P12 Jib - which is essentially the P12 without a lifter) - or the Rosi axial series (which is identical to the Look bindings).

The Line Reactors have a great design, but seem to get mixed reviews on durability and quality of constuction - however they do stand behind their products quite well.

I have skied P14's and Salomon 912ti's primarily for the last couple of years, and definetly prefer the Look/Rossignol to the Salomon for park riding - the release seems a little more accurate (i.e. less pre-releasing when you don't want it) - largely due to the elastic travel the Look design provides.
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