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Need advice on ladies' skis...

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I've been reading through the posts here in an effort to help me decide which new skis and bindings to get, and I desperately need some good advice. I've been out of skiing for twenty years : , and just started back about two weeks ago. At first I was petrified, convinced that I was going to kill myself after such a long time away from the sport, but it really is like riding a bike - you don't forget how. Maybe a little rusty... the joys of spring skiing are truly a big motivator!
The pain in my shin bones for a full week after convinced me that the late season sales were made just for me and I should get new boots. After reading, and researching, and trying on all the ladies models I could find I decided on Salomon Ellipses. Tried them out 2 days ago and they were great for me. Now I want to get skis and bindings. I've tried several local shops for demoing, but they haven't had any ladies', models at all!
I know demoing is the best way to go but considering the great prices I'm willing to take a chance on a ski for a season. A little about me... I've just turned (eeek!) 50, as I said I had a 20 year layoff from skiing. I'm 5 ft 7" tall, 135 lbs. I was and probably still am somewhere in the intermediate range, working on carving nice clean turns. I am certainly a lot less aggressive than I used to be, but I always preferred cruising wide opened, groomed slopes (will take powder when it comes here in the east!), enjoying nice turns, blue skies, and feeling the snow under my skis. The legs and body are definitely not as strong as they used to be, but skiing IS great exercise. I tried 2 newer skis, a Rossi Freestyle (? something like that) and an Elan GCX (I think!) and found the wide shovels on the Elans annoying 'cause they widen my stance. Any advice on skis AND bindings would be greatly appreciated!
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MGM, welcome to EpicSki!

I'm a little concerned about this one line:
Originally Posted by MGM
annoying 'cause they widen my stance
simply because modern technique has your feet at hip-width. That kind of stance will help you on any modern ski.

Given what I've heard about women's skis, I think that the K2 t:nine series would be a good starting point. Check out the One Luvs, for example. I know that Nolo loves her t:nines, and a number of other ladies here have mentioned them, as well.
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One Luvs would be a very good choice, there is no way you won't like those skis.

Maybe take a lesson or two, technique has changed a lot in the last 20 years, it's now a good thing to ski with your feet apart!

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As others have said, the new skis will change your stance a bit, and your feet and legs will be wider apart. This is a good thing.

I really wouldn't suggest buying a ski before demoing it first. If your local shops don't have demos, try the resort where you ski most often. Resorts usually have a demo fleet nowadays.

Skis have come a long way since you last skied. The length makes a huge difference in the way a ski performs, and everyone is skiing shorter skis than what used to be the norm. I suggest trying the same ski in different lengths so you can compare, as well as comparing different models and brands. For your height and weight, you probably don't want to go any longer than a 169 cm ski, but you may find you most enjoy something as short as a 153 cm. Don't be afraid to go short.

Not only have skis changed, WOMEN'S skis have changed...for the better! Most manufacturers have a team of women help design women's skis and they've figured out flex patterns, weight, maximum performance, and so forth. I own a pair of the K2 Phat Luvs (fat skis for powder) and am planning to buy a pair of the Burning Luvs next season. I never owned a woman's ski before this, and I've been skiing for 36 years. I think you should certainly try the K2 One Luvs, they sound like they would match your ability level. I also like the women's skis from Salomon and Volkl. But again, this is all so very personal, you need to try everything you can get your hands on and figure out which one YOU like the most. When you demo, they should be able to help you choose the right models to try.

Also, I believe there are some previous threads here about choosing the right ski for ladies of your ability level. You should try a search and see if you can find any of them.

Another good way to demo: Take a Women's Clinic that includes demoing. Most resorts offer this. It kills two birds with one stone: It helps you learn to adjust your technique to the new skis, and it provides the opportunity to have a professional help you evaluate skis.

Just remember: If it doesn't put a smile on your face, try the next ski!

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Thanks, I really like the women's clinic idea. I had read about this and it sounded great. It's so late in the season, though, I don't know if I'll be able to catch any now . But it's something I'd love to do. I have been researching, both on this site and many others. The K2 One Luv is a ski on my list, the dimensions sound like what I'd be looking for. Also a couple Dynastar Exclusives. There are very few of the better women's skis left for sale in the shops I've gone to in my area - I only ran across 1 pair of One Luvs, in too long a length. And these skis are still very expensive, maybe 30% off full retail. I'd really need to try them first.
Sports Authority is still selling at 40% off their SALE prices. I've always been a Rossignol user, and they have women's Bandit Xs and B1s. The Bandit X would only cost me about $170, I was thinking of getting these and using them while I give myself time to demo some other skis. I could trade them in when I find my "perfect" ski. As I'd keep the bindings, I'd like to know what brand preferences you might have. I've always used Salomons, my rentals have had Markers, and a young ski tech is recommending the ladies Rossis plate bindings, which are light in weight but look kinda delicate to me. What bundings do you like? And at a height of 5' 7" is a 160cm ski about right?
On another note, I read through the skill levels, and I would have to (being honest!) place myself at about a 6 now. I used to be about a 7. Thank you all for your advice.
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