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rough base

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Hi, why is the base of the ski very rough, with dots.

Try brushing the base and use scottbright on it, than wax it, the roughness still there.

How to get rid of it.

this is very new ski too

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Originally Posted by NE1

Notice the description also fits one of these.
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it's only been on the hill around 5 days, it gets wax before each day use.

It wouldn't need stonegrind so quickly.

Why cause that?

it's not the waxing problem as i wax other ski, and there is no problem with other ski
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What ski is it?
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Bases have texture in them by design for the same reason golf balls have dimples. The texture reduces surface tension thus allowing the ski to glide faster especially on wet snow. One of the problems with stone grinds is some shops don't bother to put texture back into the base.
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it's Elan S12.

i don't think that's the texture it suppose to be. Dots dots dots.
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Do you know if a porcupine works at the ski check counter?

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