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Ski Lengths

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Hey all,
I'm curious as to which companies measure their skis in certain ways? I was comparing a pair of Volkl P40's to the Rossi Bandit X...The Volkl was 188cm, the Rossi was 184. Put side to side, they were exactly the same height. So...does Volkl measure the actual length of the edge and Rossi measure the distance between the Tip of the shovel tip to the ground?

Could someone elaborate? Thanks

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I spoke with some vendor reps. Evidently there are two or three ways to measure skis.
One is tail to tip in a straight line up the base; when the ski tip starts to curve your measure line continues staight. Another way is tail to tip from the front of the ski so your straight line is at an angle to the ski as it approaches the tip. The tird way, if there is one, I can't remember.

Anyway, With the shaped ski the tip (or shovel) should just curl over your head as your forhead curls into your scalp, give or take a few cm's, depending on what you want out of your skis. A bit longer for more high speed stability. A bit shorter for short turns and bumps.

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