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Anybody been to Gore recently?

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Has anyone out there been to Gore in the last few days? Is it softening up during the day? After last weekend, I swore I wouldn't go back until it softened. It was cold last Saturday and it was bulletproof under the 2" new. Left @ noon.
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I skied Gore on Sunday, all day, and there was not a spot on the hill that could be called "bulletproof".

Sure, there were some patches of ice in areas, but largely, I found conditions to be quite good.
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I was there on Sunday also, left about 2:45. Same assesment as x-dog's on conditions. Quite good.

I did spy one interesting thing on the lift rides, on the back side. There were these two lift tower/poles where the entire snow cover was exposed at the base of the pole all the way to the ground, because of the sun's angle, I think. But it was basically a cut-away view of the entire snow cover. And at the very bottom, there was this one to two-foot thick layer of pure ice (there was two to three feet of packed snow above the ice layer). I even skied to one pole to check it out. What I saw it at two different locations it caught my attention.
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Yeah, I figured Sunday would be OK, but that wasn't an option for me. Apparently, mgt thought they'd leave things alone on Fri nite and let the new snow do it's magic. Well, there was only ~3" on top of frozen gran. By 10:00 anything with a picth was skied off and by noon, when we quit, even stuff like Sunway was showing hockey rink conditions in spots. Fresh snow on top of ice just slides off! Temps at the top of the tripple were still in the low 20s @ noon. The sun didn't help. That's why I rather see some warmth next time.

I'll probably try Sat as it looks like a sunny day. It's only an hour's drive and we have passes, so no big deal. I'm just sick of hard pack!

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I was there today. Very nice spring conditions.
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