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Stockli Spirit Pro/Pro II

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Can someone with deep knowledge of Stockli skiis explain to me if the new (2005) Spirit Pro is in fact identical to the old Spirit Free model, dimensions are at least identical, 116/67/99 vs. the old 2002/2003 Spirit Pros 108/62/92.

Also any input from testrides on the various models would be extremely appreciated

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The ProII has the same side-cut as the free but the Pro II has more Fiberglass , a faster base and racing edges. Overall a slightly higher proformance ski.
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The last spirit Pro was a very nippy bouncy ski. Quite a handful actuallly. I have a 160cm pair at home. Very turny, but their camber is massive, when you carry them, the brakes won't hold them together, they work apart from each other. They have heaps of rebound but they aren't stiff, but they are extremely lively. The tails are quite flared. Very light and manouverable but if you get even slightly back, watch out. I can't imagine that Stockli have dialed them down for the new model. My main quarrel with them is their narrow waist, and it looks like they've fixed that with the new one!
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Ant: very nippy bouncy and extremely lively just about summons up my experience with the Pros also. Very fast on turn initiation and in rolling from side to side are my other lasting memories from testing.

For active short to medium turn carving I have never experienced a ski with that much fun and 'I-love-to-turn' built into it. Definitely not a quiver of one ski, but for hardpack zipperline fun I would love to own a pair. Unfortunately they are not easy to find new or used anymore, so I was thinking of buying the Spirit Pro II instead, but I have no chance to demo them where I live, so if anybody has tried the Spirit Pro II and can compare them with the old ones (or with the Spirit Frees) I would be greatful!

vita-mam: thanks for your input on the differences between the Spirit Pro II and the Spirit Free, my main concern is that Stockli has detuned the new Pro model to make it more user-friendly...

BTW If someone has a pair of the old Spirit Pros in good condition they would like to part with I might be interested
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The new Pro side-cut is a more versitile and modern cut than the last Pro`s cut which is 6 years old. The new ski proforms better in a wider range of conditions. Stockli is always improving what they give to us. Next years Laser SC is the best ski I have ever skied on and I have been on Stockli`s for 21 years.
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vita-mam: I totally agree that the new sidecut is a more versitile and modern cut, I'm just worried that it wont behave like the old pro:s, which really had an attitude (good or bad!?) Does the Stockli Laser SC change much for next year?
Never tried one myself, but can get a pretty good price on this years model...
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I demoed the old Laser SCs last year, and loved them to death. They were a great bump ski too, which amazed me. Sadly, the Australian supplier sold out of the short lengths, so I'm waiting to see what the new one is like, but one thing's for sure, Stockli never go backward with their ski models. Glad to hear Vita-mam's report on the new ones.
I would expect, with the Pros, that they've kept the performance level up, but increased the ski's versatility, which means the wider waist.
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My most difficult decision this year was to get rid of my Pro's. I loved them but they weren't getting used since I got SL's.

I never would have characterized them as a "difficult" ski. They were passed on to a friend who is relatively new to skiing and I think you'd have to pry them from his 'cold dead hands".
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Details please!

Originally Posted by vita-mam
Stockli is always improving what they give to us. Next years Laser SC is the best ski I have ever skied on and I have been on Stockli`s for 21 years.
Don't stop now! What's the scoop? What are the dimensions? What lengths does it now come in? How has it changed from 05? What color is it?
I just sold my 04/05 SC a week ago (not that there was anything wrong with it), and I'm anxiously awaiting any details on the 06.
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The new SC`s sidecut is 114-63-95. IN the 170 the radius is 14.8 meters. The sizes will be 156-163-170-and 177. I am 220lb and the 170 handled all radius turns from sl type to gs type with amazing ease. It will be the best selling Stockli for east coast skiing next season in my opinion.
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Wow. Thanks for the report.
This years 168 has a radius of 17. Now a 170 has about a 15. More tip and tail give it more shape for less radius. Sounds like a good club race ski. Do you know what changes are in store for the SL or GS?
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vita-mam the new SC sounds really tempting, have you tried the Spirit Pro II, and compared it to the new (old) SC?

Anybody else who has ridden the Spirit Pro II please give us your opinion!
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The SL has a deeper side-cut for next season- 116-63-100, 12.6 m radius in 166cm, new tip profile and hot new look. Gs because of new FIS rules will be a much better ski in a wide open euro style course than current ski.Sidecut is 105-66-88 radius in 182 is 24.4 meters.
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vita-mam - Please start a new thread discussing the entire Stockli line for 2006. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants to hear more!
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Is there anybody who has actually skied the 2005 Spirit Pro II and want to share their opinions? Sorry I'm nagging about it, but I really really want to know!
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All I can say about the Pro II is rave reviews from at least 8 people I have talked to. They range from ex- racers, patrollers,instructors,and high end rec skiers.
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What's the deal with the HEAD connection?

I've heard that some of the lesser Stockli skis are actually made by HEAD (Spirit Pro). Does anyone know about this and which models are actually made by Stockli and which are not?

As an aside, I was in a tennis shop the other day, picked up a $229 Volkl tennis racquet, and was shocked to see a large "Made in China" sticker on it! I wouldn't give them $29 for a Chinese racquet.
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I would imagine that you will start to see that soon on some Volkl skis. That is why I stocked up on 2004s and 2005s. (6*; AX4 and Explosiv).
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That may be but unless they drastically lower the price, I can't imagine people buying them. Why would you buy a Volkl over any other brand if they're all made in China? The "Handmade in Germany" used to be a big selling point for Volkl.
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The Pro is made by Stockli. The lower end cap skis are made by Head. I think Stockli, as a small company, needed to fill a market "void" with a less expensive product for kids ... like my daughter who at 17, gets little out of her skis but would whine and moan that her brother has Stocklis (3 pair).

The kids race line is hand production also with the exception of the low end cap "racer" .... though I hear that it's a good ski. It's pretty hard for a parent to justify a high end product knowing that the kid will grow out of it the following year. In my sons case, he races and skis at least four times a week ...... and he knows the difference.
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Hmmm, I see what you're saying, but I still think it lessens the brand's elite image. You should just tell your daughter to wait until she's old enough for a serious ski. Giving her a fake Stockli is basically deceiving her, don't you think? She'll appreciate it more when she earns it by improving her skiing or maybe even works to get the money to buy it herself.
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jj: There are something like eight pair of Stockli's out in the garage. Three each for son and self and two for "the wife".

Daughter has a "mint" pair of Volkl's up in her closet. She is a registered brat and been deemed a threat to the planet. She quit skiing after getting the skis .... I'd never pony up the dollars for a kid like that, at the time of purchase, it was just prior to the Head (Austrian made) line was introduced. I was not about to put her on a pair of skis that just sat on the rack during the high school "ski club" socials. The kids never skiied and to put her on a high end ski wasn't going to happen.

So much talent ... wasted?
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Next years models.

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Slider, thanks for sharing with us the picture of next years models.
Any more input/pictures on the new model?
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