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Originally Posted by Biowolf
Dean: I hate to knock somebody's product but one thing jumps out. You push off vertically on the machine and your feet dont turn. On skis you push off an (hopefully) extrem edge angle and your feet turn in relation to the rest of the body (at least to some degree). So what is the point.?
I think the idea is (1) to simulate the extension/retraction/extension unique to skiing (Ron LeMaster's absorbing the invisible bump); (2) to provide a plyometric interval workout with eccentric absorbsion of the landing forces followed by explosive extension, but to do so with a lower impact on connective tissue than traditional plyometrics.

My equivalent training now is to set a long broom handle up on obstacles and practice 50 lateral jumps over it on a grass surface, as part of my plyometric training. (A much, much lower cost alternative, with the additional advantage of requiring balance skills/picking a landing spot, but it doesn't simulate any of the rebound energy like you'd get in slalom turns. LeMaster, in one of his slide shows, suggested the same drill, but on trampolines, to simulate the extension/retraction with rebound (but which, in my case, I'd be concerned would instead stimulate the ankle injury).

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The best exercise I found so far is using the Ski Simulator (Deck). It is identical to skiing and the same muscles are involved. Very few people know that one can actually pure carve on it. It gives one the feeling how to pressure the ski and gets one used to high edge angles. Plus it requires precision. It is totally unforgiving and it is a cardio as well as a muscle workout.
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Right. But you have to know how to use it.
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i have to ask if any of you have tried the concept rower( gets all leg extention and flexion muscles and core- abdomen and back) and /or running steps up and down/
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