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Rossi RPM 90 or Dynastar skicross 9???

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I was wondering if anyone can give some feedback concerning either the Rossi RPM 90 as compared to the Dynastar skicross 9? The local Sports Authority has both of these and sometimes the price gets pretty inviting. I already have a pair of Look p10 bindings, and both of these have the pre-drilled lifter plates. I also realize that both skis are more in the groomers category, but it seems that today a small quiver of skis works ok. What I was mostly wondering about is the pluses and minuses of each ski. I ski probably 70% on the groomed runs at Crystal Mtn. when there's snow, like to go pretty fast, not liking too many moguls, prefer longer to mid gs type turns. Any input is appreciated...Thanks
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I've skied both of these and I must say that both have undewhelmed me in short lengths. Unless you are very short and light, I'd suggest you go 170 and up, especially if you like bigger, faster turns.

Overall, I'd choose the Dynastar, mainly because I've never been impressed by the RPM line (or Rossi's non-race skis in general), but both skis behave properly in ordinary condition and will respond well if you decide to ski some moguls or powder.
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What is your height, weight, level and where do you mostly ski?
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I'm 5'8", 175 lbs, and I mainly ski Crystal Mtn, Wa. This year I only made it up one time (for a demo), but last year I had a mid-week pass and went about 20 times. We've had a bad season this year, so I'm trying to get prepared for next year. I'm probably a level 7 skier, mostly on the groomed and like to go pretty fast. I demoed and liked the Dynastar Legend 8000, and Nordica Speedmachine, but they're a little over my budget at the moment. At 59 I don't search for bumps that much, but more gs type turns.
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My 0.02 cents. It doesn't sound like you are going to demo these two before purchase so keep in mind my comments are based on my POV and skiing preferences.

I have much more experience with the SC9, but both are "Cross" type skis, good at speed and solid all-around. They are suitable for your level and terrain preferences. However, I don't consider them mid-to-long GS skis (although the SC9 is comfortable and capable at making GS type turns). If anything the RPM 90 and SC9 excel at feeling light underfoot and quick edge to edge. They are also very different than the skis you said you preferred. If you like a wider, Freeride ski (Legend 8000) or a heavier, "crud" ski (Speedmachine 12 or 14), then you might be disapponted in the SC9 or RPM90. Loved the Legend 8000 and the one I would buy if I lived out West (considering buying it anyway, I spend enough days out there every year). I thought the Speedmachine 14 XBS was a decent Cross/carving ski, but felt there are other, more versatile choices out there.

I am heavily biased towards the SC9. I thought it was better at speed (surprisingly good at speed, in fact) and excelled in making a variety of different turn shapes. In my opinion, the SC9 is for the slightly more advanced level skier compared to the RPM90. Since you already have the Look P10 binding (hopefully new, I don't like putting old bindings on new skis), it will match perfectly to the Dynastar (same company). You should demo to find the best length. Given your height, weight, preference for GS-type turns and no moguls, the 170 would be my best guess.

I bought the SC9 this preseason after demoing many skis the previous year. I wanted a versatile ski that was adept at making a variety of turn shapes, stable at speed, good in bumps and trees, and had precise edge grip on hardpack/ice . To me, the SC9 or SC10 fit the bill better than many other choices. I was a "Volkl snob" before I bought my SC9, so it took a lot to turn me away from buying another Volkl (5 or 6 Star).
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Swan, thanks for the insight...I'll be watching my local Sports Authority stores for some good prices. They have a lot of the SC9 skis from the 2003/2004 season that haven't sold this year. I just recently found a new pair of the Look P 10 bindings so I'm just waiting for the right skis to mount them on. Unfortunately I won't be able to demo the skis, and that's why I was looking for advice/input. I just recently took up the sport again after a 6 or 7 year break, and last year was my first on the shaped skis I have some Dynamic X17's made by Atomic in the 170 length, and they are an intermediate ski that helped me make the transition to shaped skis, but I'm looking for a little more stability when the speed increases. I also tried Volant (not enough excitement) and the Solomon Hot(ok but pricey). I even tried to purchase a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 14's on Ebay, but ended up getting taken in an Internet Fraud case, and lost the funds to somewhere in Libya. On your advise I'll keep an eye out for the SC9's, and you're right about the 170 length....thanks. I've never had a chance to try the Volkl's, but was looking more at the 724's. I'm thinking of waiting a year or so before going for the latest stuff because of all the changes currently going on in the industry... I did have a chance to demo Fischer skis, but the ones I tried Rx6 wern't tuned properly and they wern't very impressive.
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Sports Authority has great deals on the '03-04 SC9 now (gray model). I've seen them as low as $99 although I think they are around $199 typically. From what I heard, they procured a huge stock at the end of last season. Good for us!

Wow, sorry to hear about the internet fraud. Hope it works out. You'll find the SC9 a big improvment in performance over the X17s. If you decide to wait on the SC9 (but you shouldn't, I love the ski), you might want to take a look at some of the wider skis out there. You will probably find them generally a bit more forgiving and better in the fresh snow you guys seem to get more of out West (Volkl 724 EXP or Pro, Dynastar 4800/8000, Atomic Metron B5, Head iM 75 Chip). If you wanted to stay with a frontside/groomer/carving/Cross ski, I personally would buy a Fischer or Head out of this year's group (Head iXRC 1100 Chip SR2, Fischer Rx8 or 9). Good luck!
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Swan, thanks again for the tips and excellent info. I have one other question concerning the SC9's. The ones I've seen in my local store are the ones that are grey/blue in color and have the riser plate with the coils in the heel area. My friend who tunes skis told me that the lifter plate on the SC9 and the Look P10 binding may combine to give too much "ramp angle". What are your thoughts on this observation? Do the SC9's you have come with the same riser plate, or are yours from a year earlier? By the way I just picked up some older Dynastar 4x4 bigs on Ebay that I'm going to test whenever we get some good fresh snow(next year of course) I've never really done much deep snow skiing and figured that if I had something for those rare days at least I'd be somewhat ready.
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Originally Posted by txw123
Swan, thanks again for the tips and excellent info. I have one other question concerning the SC9's. The ones I've seen in my local store are the ones that are grey/blue in color and have the riser plate with the coils in the heel area. My friend who tunes skis told me that the lifter plate on the SC9 and the Look P10 binding may combine to give too much "ramp angle".
I've been told the recommend mount for Pivot bindings on Dynastar Skicross is to put the heel flush on the plate but put a shim under the toe. The shim is a few millimeters thick and comes with most Look bindings. It helps level out the toe and heel.
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Hmmm. In the States, the '03-04 SC9 were mostly varying shades of grey with some of the letters outlined in red, not blue. This year's ('04-05) SC9 were mostly blue with white letters. Could it be what you call blue is what I am calling light grey in the '03-04? Both models have the binding mounting plate. The only difference between the two model years is that this year's binding plate is slightly less stiff compared to last year's. I'm not sure if the difference is noticeable (the binding plate in the SC10 is noticeably stiffer than the one in the SC9). In either case, I think the binding plate on the SC9/10 is one of the reasons why these skis perform so well and why many people love them.

I spent some time this preseason wondering about the same question of Look P10 lifter vs. no lifter. Personally, I ended up mounting the P10 with lifters unmodified onto the SC9. I think it depends on what you like to ski and where and how you ski. Adding the P10 lifter onto the SC9 plate will emphasize the ski's edge hold on hardpack and its carving ability (if you already carve your turns well), especially at speed. If you find yourself mostly on groomers with a lot of hardpack/ice, lifters make it easier to create the edge angles necessary to allow the edges to rail a turn. If you find yourself mostly on fresh snow, you might want to consider mounting the bindings without the lifters since the lifters might make the skis less forgiving in powder.

Rio's recommendation is definitely one way to go. However, determining if the ramp angle is correct for you or not also depends on your boot setup. I think the best way to go is to ski the ski, and have someone determine how to tweak your setup for what you like to do and how you ski. If your bindings came with lifters, mount them and then see if the ramp angle is too extreme. You can always remove a lifter or two. If your Looks came w/o lifters, mount them and don't worry about it.

As I mentioned, I mounted my P10s w/ lifters directly on the SC9 and they worked great. I didn't notice a problem with ramp angle until I recently replaced my boot's insole with some Down Unders. I love the orthotics but the heel cup is raised to provide additional rebound. I am tweaking my boot to compensate, but plan to leave the lifters on the ski.
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I still haven't purchased skis yet at the local SA. I'm waiting for the price to drop a bit..The SC9's are still running around $190. They have some SC70's I believe that don't have any riser plate at all, and some Intuitiv 69c's, but I'm holding out for the SC9's. It's kind of funny how their prices fluctuate....The only new stuff they got this year were the lower end K2's, and some Volkl 5*'s, and all the other stuff is at least a year or two older. Out here they have a lot of the Volants, but I don't have a real good feeling about those. The P10 bindings I picked up seem to have a bit of a lifter plate, and without looking at them I can't remember if they can be mounted without the plates or not. I have a friend who does mounting and tuning so whatever I end up with I'm sure he'll be able to help with any problems.....just wish we had snow.....By the way thanks to all who provide insight...this is a great source of info. I'm glad to know there are others who share the obcession. By the way the SC9's I'm looking at are the grey/blue ones also.
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