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By-the-day race training at Mt. Hood (Summer 05)

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Looking for some remedial gate training in late June - early July on Timberline. But I can't afford the time to attend a week long camp - is it possible to get a day or two of gate crashing and coaching alacarte? With a ski lane and good courses, etc.?
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You could call any of the camps and ask the question. I've done something similar by splitting two camps at Whistler. The real question is whether two days will really be worth the money- it's a little short to develop any new skill sets when you consider that you will have a long layoff before you see snow again.
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I'm just an older ex-racer who wants some gate time for fun, nothing too serious. I haven't run gates for years and now the season is winding down and I'm frustrated, but there is nothing particular I want to work on other than milage.
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You might look at some of the Masters Camps before Summer Nationals at Hood. There might be some flexibility there for drop ins.
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The best and usually cheapest option for day training on Mt Hood is Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps. They run Monday through Friday and usually have both SL and GS courses up every day. They have big numbers which means good lane space and they don't skimp on the salt so the training is usually quite good. Mike Annett is the owner/proprieter and John Rust is the head coach, they would love to have you. Contact info can be found on skiracing.com's academies and camps page. Ben.
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Try www.tichyracing.com. They have some weekend camps that fit into busy schedules, and also offer day sessions with their regular campers.

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Be warned that we're having our worst ever snow year in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon & Washington). A guy I know at work who is also a ski patroller at a couple of the resorts on Mt Hood (including Timberline) tells me that Timberline will be shutting down July 11th this summer due to a lack of snow. Apparently all the camps that they normally run during the summer at Timberline have also been cancelled.

For people snooping this thread and are wondering what we're talking about, Mt Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon and is located at the northern part of the state. One of its resorts, Timberline, has a chairlift called Palmer that starts at 7000 feet and provides lift service to a large glacier on the mountain. With the Palmer lift, we can ski Mt Hood during the summer, and consequently there are a lot of ski camps that take place throughout the summer. I skied the Palmer lift a couple times myself last July.
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The jury is still out on the summer. I work for two summer camps on the mountain and neither has cancelled their operations. Both are steering their enrollees towards coming in June or earlier July. According to Steve Kruse T-Line's operations manager provided that May and June are not unseasonably warm there is enough snow to remain open until mid-July. If you have a summer training option at Mammoth or elsewhere it would be safe to say that the non-Mt Hood option will probably be better this year but aside from that the jury is still out. Ben.
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