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Hi all,

I bought a pair of Dynastar Legend 4800, 165. I loved them at Mt Stowe (Stowe has an excellent demo program). Now I need bindings.

As the Dynastar skis are not system skis with integrated rails and bindings, I’m not sure what binding would give the ski the least dead spot under the binding? As far as Look goes I was thinking the P12 Titanium. Also, I am attracted to the idea of a binding that is size adjustable, so different boots can be easily used with the ski (I will need to get new boots at the end of next season). The Marker 1100 Titanium IBC can easily be adjusted to almost any boot size.

So, the real question is will the Marker 1100 Titanium IBC binding plate create a dead spot in the ski noticeably greater than that of the Look P12 binding? And might the Look be a better fit for the Legend 4800 because Dynastar manufactures the Look and Legend, so the ski might be made with the Look binding in mind? What binding is better?

All thoughts are appreciated.

Best regards,