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Atomic 11.20

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I got my new 11.20's today mounted w/the 6-14
Xentrix and its snowing up north-it won't be long now.
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I picked up the 11.20 as well. What length did you go with and why? I'm 6 ft and 170 lbs and was told to go with the 180.
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I'm 6'2" 215lbs.
I'm 55 and a very aggressive skier,I demoed the 10.20 last year in a 190 and they were truly a great ski ,great edge,turning,and super in crud.I came down to these from 200 heads,and a 204 K2 SLC b4 that.I tried some other skis @ 180 and less but found them to squirrely.(sp?)
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I would like to hear the differences between the 10 and 11 20's . Anything?
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11 is stiffer.
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I hope you guys will post some reviews of the 11.20 in the Consumer Review forum! I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to hearing how well they ski.
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Nikki, The main difference between the BetaRide 10.20 and the BR 11.20 is the 11 has titanium Powerchannels, and the 10 has carbon Powerchannels. To say one stiffer over the other is hard to quantify. They flex differently, such that the 10 flexes easier and seems to be less demanding. That is not to say that the 11 is a demanding ski, but it works better for aggressive skiers. Also, the titanium aides in damping the ski, so the 11 is better on firm snow. At the end of last season, we had a number of this seasons 10.20s and 11.20s, and the women prefered the 10 because they were easier to ski. My assumption is that women, even aggressive experts, ski with more finesse than men. I hope you can demo so that you can make your own decission of which will work best for you.
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