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K2 Apache X vs K2 Omni 5.5

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Hello all !

I've been around for a while and read a lot of info from you all. Thanks a lot!

Now I am thinking of buying new skis, and I would appreciate a little advice. These will be my first pair of "new school" skis (read shaped skis). I skied on straights up to now, 201cm, I am 5'11" and weight ~176 (80 kg). according to snowandrock.com level scale, I am at level 7, skiing blue and black groomers. I like short turns in the fall line, slalom type. also a little speed.

I am thinking of purchasing a pair of K2's, Apache X or Omni 5.5, and I am asking for a little advice about what would suit me better. Also about length, 174 or 181?

(I also considered Volkl 724 AX3 03/04 model in 174cm, but I am inclining more towards K2's)

I cannot demo them here. A week ago I rented some Rossignol 9X Oversize, 03/04 model 174cm - and I felt good on them - so I decided to switch to new skis.

I am not looking into changing my style right away, I want a ski that will go along with my old style for a while.(I want to be able to skid tails a little).

Also I am looking into venturing a little off piste (maybe 20% off and 80% on piste).

What is your advice on the two models, and on the length ?

many thanks in advance!

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Hmm, we're pretty similar in size. I'm an inch taller (between 6 foot and 6'1), and weigh about 10 pounds more (although when I'm fit I'll be in the low 170's).

I bought the K2 Apache V Force's. They're a limited run model, and fit between the two skis you mentioned, the Apache X and the Omni 5.5. I chose a 174.

I actually orgininally bought the Apache Crossfires, but didn't want a ski with metal in it.

I chose to go with the integrated Marker IBX bindings.

Overall, I'd say I'm very happy with the choice. I skiied about 10 days this season, all after January. Compared with the limited amount of skiing I've done in the past 6 years, that's actually quite good.

I looked at the scale, and I'd probably rank myself a 7 or 8. These are not my first shaped skis, however, as I have owned several pairs in the past. I still tend to slide my tails occasionally too...

I'd say go with the 174 for the skis you're looking at. Move up to the longer ski only if you're specifically looking to use them more off-piste, in which case you'd probably be better off buying or demoing a wider ski. I took my pair off piste several times this season, and while they worked fine, they don't float as well as my old mid-fats used to.

Both the omni 5.5 and Apache X are fantastic skis. The Apache has the modmonic technology. I don't think you'll be unhappy with either...
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The Omni 5.5 is not as stiff as the Apache X and is more forgiving. It is pretty soft torsionally and you can skid your turns a lot easier.

The Apache X is more high performance and won't take to skid based technique that well. The Apache X will hold better on icey terrain as well.

If you ski out west go for a larger size. If you ski out east go for a smaller size.
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