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Small Ski Resorts Near D.C.?

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I'm wondering if D.C. locals might post what the closest ski areas are to D.C. I'm interested mainly in short distance, the vertical doesn't have to be huge. I'm just wanting to know if there are any small resorts within an hour or so that you'd suggest?


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Both are local hills... Liberty is a little closer than Whitetail.
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Good leads from Ishull and twinceramic. When are you planning to visit? Most will be closing 3/20 or 27. Whitetail and Liberty are the closest two. Whitetail has some enjoyable high speed cruisers. Liberty might have a slight edge for better typical snow conditions. Several other ski areas a little farther from DC may operate into early Apr. See suggested websites for more details and www.dcski.com for data on the dozen or more ski areas in mid-Atlantic region.
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Thanks to everyone! I found the about.com link earlier, I was just wondering if there was anything closer that might not show up on the web -- a small resort, etc.

I'm interested for next year -- not this season. Are Whitetail and Liberty an hour away or further out?


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Whitetail and Liberty are just over an hour away - a little more or a little less depending on what area of the beltway you are leaving from. I've made it in 1 hour and 10 minutes from the Springfield area and I was haulin' ass.
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