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Head Skis

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I really want to buy a pair of '04-'05 177cm Head Monster i.M 75 Super Railflex II skis as my crud buster and powder ski. I currently have a '04-'05 Volkl 6 Star in a 175cm. I just wanted to know if Head skis hold an edge like Volkl skis. There is no possible way that I will be able to demo these skis so I am looking for everyone's imput. I forgot to mention that I am 6' 270lbs. Also, should I consider Fischer Big Stix 7.6's? Any other ski suggestions are welcome! I would like to keep the waist of the ski in the 74-76mm range.
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The edgehold of the Heads would be comparable to the Volkl's. That's what makes the iM 75 such a good midfat for eastern conditions. I have had a pair for two seasons now, and have no complaints. Have owned Volkl's in the past, but have not tried the 724 Pro, which I believe would be similar to the 75. Most other people that I have heard from that own the 75 Chip are happy with them, so if you want a pair, I'd just go for it.
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I have the new head i.m 77's, next years 75. I have not had a chance to ski them on ice yet so can not comment on that, but you have skis that should be great for ice. I would highly recommend them for crud and spring conditions best ski I have every skied for those conditions and have absolute confidence in them for powder. They are fine in bumps as well. You might contact dawgcatcher here he runs a shop in Bend, Or and they carry heads, he is very knowledgeable.
Good Luck
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The new 77 does very well on ice for it's size.

I skied it on hard conditions in a 163 length.

It is no 65 waisted slalom ski but that's not what it's built for.
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Scalce...... do you think I should buy the i.M 75 this year oor wait and get the new i.M 77's for next year?
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I tried this ski for a few hours at Alta a few weeks ago. It is a real solid ski with alot of edge grip. It really makes you want to ski fast and it is able to handle it easily. I have not skied a volkl, so I can't compare, but I really like the ski.
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Originally Posted by Atown313
Scalce...... do you think I should buy the i.M 75 this year oor wait and get the new i.M 77's for next year?
I think next year's ski is pretty light for a Monster and the liquid metal gives the ski some pop.

It really depends if you like a very damp heavier crud busting ski or a more expensive, lighter, more lively crud busting ski.

If it was me I would go with the 77 but I like to buy new toys.
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I own the 75's and they have amazing edge hold. My local ski shop in Framingham has the 77's and I'm going to try and demo them. I guess that they are a big hit with the store owner and the employees. If you are getting a deal on the 75's, I would think about it otherwise I would want to demo the 77's
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Where to get Head Monster i. M75 CHIPs

There are 2 stores that I know have Head M75 CHIPs:

1. www.utahskis.com has some 170s, $599.
2. www.coloradoskishop.com has at least one pair of 184s with LD-12 bindings, $607.50.

I bought the last pair of 177s at Utahskis about 3 weeks ago.

Good luck,
Rod Michael
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